Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wax Beans, Yessah!

Today I added to the winter larder 6 pints of homegrown organic waxed beans!  We discovered when we came back from 4 days away in Maine, the bean fairy had arrived and blessed us with a copious amount of these yellow goddesses to add to the pantry. 

Very quickly beans can go big and tough on you, so I got out there yesterday and battled the Baby Pam Pumpkins, which are their neighbors expounding everywhere, and harvested most of what is ready and still tender.  We'll have a lot more coming due and the green beans planted along with them have only started to flower, so I'll be able to put more of those up as well.  It felt a fitting activity for today, I'm feeling the precurser to winter on the edge of the season.  Time to get the crops stored, the firewood stacked and plans started for the winter to come.

A close tour of the garden also yielded a status on the little plot.  First, let me say, I've got tomatoes.  Oh, yessah, I've got tomatoes.  I planted many different types, most of which I can't identify because the tags are faded.  Bad planning on my part.  I'm going to get a photo inventory of them all and ask Laura as she's the one I got all the seedlings from.  In any case, so far they are quite unique!
Are they giant grapes you ask?  Nope, this is one of the beauties in my tomato nightshade family.  I love them!  They are almost black, though, researching online, I think they are techinically called blue. 

Though this is pepper shaped in nature, it's actually a roma type tomato which I think may be called Opalla.  Very cool, indeed!  I can't wait to sample all the different nuances of the different types!

These are my favorite producers, they are called Juliette.  They mature early and are delicious!  Very sweet and firm, great for slicing in a salad, or if you're Maestro, eating straight from the vine.

The corn is making a respectable showing.  This is sweet corn, hopefully if we get it before any varmin do, it will be tasty.  Next year, I decided I will plant the corn outside the garden along with the pumpkins.  The pumpkins have totally taken over the garden and are moving beyond the fence out into the yard.  Soon, I'll be battling them to get to the clothesline!

Here's one of the little creepers now.  The bottoms are going orange on them, and I found a couple of spongy ones, I'm hoping I don't have some sort of vine borer beatle at work because we've got a lot of pumpkins coming along and I'm looking forward to some pumpkin bread and pumpkin truffle!
And here we have the green pole beans, well on their way to fruition.  Looking forward to some green bean casserole for Thanksgiving!
Last, but not least, are the cucumbers just beginning to look like they should.  I planted Marketmore and pickling cukes, can't wait to try my hand at dill pickles.  I've not made them before, but my oldest and I love them, so thought I'd give it a go.

This is a tour of my little garden, on it's way to becoming foodstuffs.  What does your garden look like?  Did you stop by the farmer's market to check out the produce there?  Local is where it's at, friends!

Here's to many garden adventures, ~Peacemom


Dog Trot Farm said...

What a lovely vacation you had Vonnie, I'm sure your boy's enjoyed sailing along with spending time with their grandparents. I loved that you referred to your pantry as your "larder" it's a term you don't hear that frequently anymore, but one which my mother always prefers. I love the satisfaction which comes from canning, it offers a connection to women of long ago. Along with my jam, I put up garlic dill pickles, my first attempt, but I must admit pretty easy. Your garden has been very productive, I am impressed. and jealous! Blessings, Julie.

Jennifer and Steve said...

Things are looking good! We are getting away too....northern NM for a week of friends and backpacking. CANNOT WAIT!!!