Saturday, August 18, 2012

Todays' Harvest

Today's harvest included 65 Cofra onions to put up for winter, along with 5 Walla Walla Sweet onions which I will dice and freeze (there are 35 more still in the garden!), all the potatoes, which did not grow as well as I'd hoped, they are all of a small size. Next year, I will plant them in raised beds so that I can give them deep soil. The bed they were planted in this year ended up very compacted unfortunately. All the hot weather sure made for more packed soil all around.

These are more of the tomatoes that are pouring out of the garden right now. I'm determined to get a batch of salsa put up today as our friend gave us some of his jalapenos and I've got copious onions as you could see. I don't do cilantro, so I'll add some fresh parsley to it. Perhaps I'll post that later if it's a success.

As you can see above, this is round two of the cukes. I've had a very successful crop of cukes, I froze about 15 of them, we're still eating off the last batch and I'm gonna be pickling these as soon as I'm able to get to that. Salsa first, pickles second.

I've also picked another pumpkin. I just had a hard time believing they were already ready to be harvested. The package said they were about 100 days to maturity. We planted them the weekend after Labor Day. That would be 65 days from when I harvested the first one. And there are many more ready to get off the vine. I emailed High Mowing Seeds(wonderful seeds, wonderful folks) to as them if it's possible that they are already ready to harvest. They told me that because of the sunlight length they get (about 14 hours a day during the summer) and the warm summer, they believe it is entirely possible they are ready to harvest. Their advice? Cut one open and see if the seeds are fully matured. If so, they are good to go. So, I'll be trying that expirement today as well. Perhaps there will be grilled pumpkin on the menu this evening! Yummy!!

We had a bit of a bittersweet day here on our little farmstead yesterday. I found a loving home for Mattie, our Golden Wyandotte rooster. He wasn't supposed to be a rooster, we thought we bought three laying hens. But that happens sometimes. He was Maestro's pet, so we really didn't want him to get eaten, plus, he is a great and gentle rooster, very beautiful and friendly. I posted on facebook that I had a great roo to give away if anyone was interested and a friend of mine from high school took him. He'll have 18 ladies all to himself and all the room to roam. They are nice folks and have two kids that will enjoy him. We just didn't need another roo. Snowball and he were at each other through the fence all the time and our place is just a bit too small for so much machismo. Godspeed, Mattie, we loved you while you were with us.

Peaceful harvest to you all, ~Peacemom

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Dog Trot Farm said...

Vonnie, you have out done yourself, what a wonderful harvest you are reaping, I am so jealous. My vegetable garden fizzled, and I am not sure why. Really, the problem not enough sun and too much shade. My trees have grown, I need to relocate the garden but easier said than done, hopefully next year. I love the braided onions, I hope I have enough onions to make at least one braid. You must be busy getting your boys ready for school, time goes by so fast. My little grand baby is three months today. I just love little boys! Hope you are enjoying the weekend, hugs Julie.