Sunday, August 26, 2012


Yesterday's pumpkin harvest yielded sixteen pumpkins!  With 5 still green on the vines.  Not at all sure they would make it because the powdery mildew has killed the plants so severly.  We got sixteen pumpkins from 5 plants, pretty amazing!  Going to be lots of pies, trifles, breads, grilled slices and maybe even some of the cucumber pickles I found a recipe for. 
I do know the garden and putting by all the food has taken over the blog these days.  To be honest, I'm doing other things as well, lots of fun things with the boys with school starting tomorrow and we've introduced the two "little" girls in with the big chickens now, more on that later.  But the garden is producing RIGHT NOW! so a lot of my time has been spent getting the food harvested and in jars or the freezer, so that's where my highest focus is.  And that's as it should be, I'm thinking.  You've got to get while the gettin's good.  I'm looking forward to just making quick meals this winter with lots of delicious food that I've already prepared ready to just open up or thaw.  A few weeks of intense work will give us months of wonderful meals.  Next on the agenda is getting pickles up and starting work on the tomato sauces.

Busy, busy harvesting bee!  ~Peacemom

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Jennifer and Steve said...

Yes, lots of garden harvesting going here too! It's the craziest bumper year of butternut squash and melons, but those things are not quite ready for harvest yet. We've been picking crazy amounts of tomatoes; potatoes are half harvested; onions mostly harvested; can we say JALAPENOS?!; there is some super sunflower craziness blooming out there; wow, wow, wow! We are getting our wood ready too. I am ready for winter this year.