Saturday, January 26, 2013

Big. Giant. Suck. Pill.

"God may give you more then your poor bones can ever take"...Iron & Wine's got it right.  See this horse?  This is Sassy.  She resides at the farm adjoining the Olson House in Cushing, Maine.  Made famous by Andrew Wyeth and his many paintings of this homestead, most famous perhaps is "Christina's World".  Sassy spends hours and hours each day she's able to get out to visit the house standing right there in that doorway, just waiting to be let in the house.  She never is let in.  I know how she feels.  We've lost two houses we were trying to buy in two days, one of which we wasted the last 9 weeks trying to make work.  After last years devastating loss, well, this is not welcome news.

In my next life, I will be independently wealthy, I'm ordering it up right now.  Before I meet my new self, I'm putting that order in well ahead of time.

I'm sick of struggling.  My friend Diane tells me I'm an old soul and that's why I have the challenges in my life that I do.  Great.  Glad to know there is some greater reason, because the immediate one sure as hell isn't apparent.

Poor Sassy, I feel your pain, girlfriend.

Tomorrow's gonna be better, right?  ~Peacemom

Saturday, January 19, 2013

I Got The Blues

After having been almost 7 weeks with but one visit to my girls up the hill in the coop, I'm lonely for them.  I miss the bbbbrrrrccckkkk bbbrrrccckkk that Rosie gives when she's chatting with me when I went up to feed them.  A favorite moment for me in the morning or when I would dump treaties at their feet.  I miss the feel of warm eggs fresh from the nest, and shavings always stuck in my sweater.  But, I'm not so much missing the frozen waterer or frozen poop on the tops of the nesting boxes.  Hey, you take the bad with the good, right?
But, it's official.  I miss my girls.  Stupid ankle and leg aren't healing very well and I'm still restricted in what I can safely do, especially at a steep incline on a snowy hill.  I miss my girls and I think they miss me, too.  When I call to them, they get excited and look for me.  Maybe it's just wishful thinking but I feel that they do.
Though I am thankful for Music Man and Maestro picking up the slack, I am a farmer without her farm.  Sigh, one long winter, this.
Wishing for some clucks to return to my days,   ~Peacemom