Monday, June 15, 2009

Moving Day, Rain and Gardens

Guten Tag!

I can't believe it's been so long since I wrote last. My life is currently spiraling out of control with stuff to do and all that's going on. I'm trying my hardest to not let it get me crazy, sometimes that happens when so much is going on. I started to think that I seriously may have lost my mind when I totally spaced my appointment for my mammogram. Totally spaced that I had the appointment because I also had 4 other appointments that week for dentist and doctor and blood work. But, don't worry Ma, I've got another appointment this week already set up, let's just hope I remember that one!

Well, we're fast approaching moving day here at Casa de Peaceable Kingdom. I think for some strange reason, we've been sort of living like it's happening, but not really believing it. Only had about 10 boxes packed as of yesterday (though, I've been to the GoodWill 3 big van full trips already, PURGING! Purging is soooo good!). The kids were not very amused this morning when I went through their toy bins in the living room and basically threw away or recycled or put in the donation pile about 2/3 of the mess in those bins that they NEVER play with. Gone! I know they will be upset the first time they want something from there that they've not touched in 6 months, but I can't bring myself to have the chaos at the new place that has taken over this one and I figure, moving is a great time to take care of all of that nonsense. Now...if I could just get Music Man in the same frame of mind, we'd be doing really well. I've told you all before, he IS the human packrat, and not only is he the human packrat, but he's also a very disorganized packrat. I'm the human minimalist and I'm an organized minimalist, so seeing his chaos and how he can possibly be productive in that environment is a complete mystery to me. I don't embrace that characteristic about him, I've got to be honest. I basically just refuse to make my eyes see into his abyss of mess, even though my washer and dryer face right into it. What can you do? He's got so many great qualities, and who's perfect, right?

Anyways, we're at T minus 11 and counting as moving day is offically to begin on June 26th. We don't have a whole lotta help yet, not hiring movers this time. Not sure how this is gonna work because I am not physically able to lift washing machines and sleeper sofas, so hopefully Music Man can pull off arranging some help. We'll have bbq and cold beers for the help when all is said and done, so maybe that will help.

It's been raining here for a long time. We had a nice sunny day on Saturday, but we're back to rain yesterday and today and it looks like it's gonna continue. Not thrilled about that, but boy we sure did need the rain here, so it's okay. My garden, which I will miss terribly will be happy.

I planted about 1/2 of it before we made the big decision to go, so I'm gonna have to come back and keep it watered and stuff until we get a tenant, who will hopefully appreciate organic lettuce, herbs, peppers and tomatoes. Sniffle, will be the hardest thing for me to let go here. That and the wonderful neighbors we have (save the ones we have to share a wall with). We have a close knit neighborhood and I will miss that...a lot. But we're on to new adventures and hopefully all will go well. Our new landlord seems great so far, has done a lot of work on the house we're renting (it's gonna be weird to rent again, for sure!). But, the new place is great and so much of what we've been looking for in our lives and the school is just perfect for Maestro, it's gonna be good.

We got to pick up our first part of our share from the CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) farm this week. Got 2 kinds of lettuce, fresh spinach, salad turnips (a cross between kohlrabi and radishes, yum!), and vitamin greens. Also hit the local farm stand for some strawberries which are out and oh SSSOOOOO good. I bought 6 quarts of them and made my first ever strawberry jam yesterday. The first batch came out perfect, the second is too runny, but hey I figure that will taste great on pancakes and popovers, so it's all good.

Well, I've got to put a call into Maestro's new school today. Gonna talk to the counselor about the gifted program for him. Can't wait to see what they have to offer. Until next time...
Peace to you,