Sunday, November 25, 2012

For All Received

I've been preoccupied the last month.  Much has been going on here, many goals set in motion and it's been exhausting, exciting and stressful all at the same time.  More on that as it gets more permanent, but for now, let's just suffice it to say, I've been maxed out mentally.

This season of thankfulness sets me to thinking about how absurdly much I have in my life.  Sometimes, I focus on the things I don't have because, well, there are lots of times I don't have what I need in a moment.  But...then there are times like recently that I'm thankful for things that I don't ever take for granted, but sometimes move to the back of my memory when they are supplanted by more needs of the future.  For all that I have, I am truly thankful...and here are a few of those things...

1.  A husband that loves me for who I am, chubby-ness, crankiness, gray hair and all.  He also sees the person who lives inside me, the one that cares deeply about the world around me, wants to make it a better place and has an incredibly soft spot for anyone and anything that needs me and the gifts I have to offer.  He encourages my passions, loves his sons more deeply then his own father's example should ever allow, his caring for our souls on the level he does is evident in the every day uttering of  a simple "I love you" to each one of us, said with meaning and sincerity.  He's the man who brings me flowers on our son's birthdays and always wishes me a happy birth-day as well.  He works very hard to keep us in the best way he can.  I love him for his very being and am thankful for his presence in my life and for the father that he is to our children, he's not always patient or perfect, but he is very dedicated to them and involved in their lives and activities.  We are all lucky for having him.

2.  I'm thankful for my boys.  They are funny, loving, smart, healthy and amazing to me in so many ways.  Yes, they bicker and pick at each other, their room is a mess most of the time, and they beg me to watch too much TV or play Wii too often.  But in the many moments that I allow for them to inspire me, love me, and touch my heart and soul, I'm truly amazed by them.  They are my little miracle gifts from God, the ones I prayed for long before they ever arrived and the ones I'm thankful for every day.  They are not perfect but they are outstanding to me in any case and have allowed my heart to expand more then I knew possible. I would be a complete person without them, but I'm sure thankful I get to know this side of me with them here to open that up and let it grow.  They really are my sunshine and I'm happy He chose them to be in my world.

3.  I am thankful for my extended family.  My family, who's of course known  me all my life, sees past things that others might get hung up on because they, too, know the person I am on the inside.  My social graces aren't always what they might be, lordy I struggle with bluntness. And they love me in spite of my flaws, and I in spite of theirs.  Our family is far from perfect, and we've been through some things that most families don't have to deal with, but in the end, we always know we have each other's best interest at heart.  I can be myself with them and not sit silently in a room fearing I may say something that someone may take the wrong way.  They get my weird sense of humor, especially my Mom, and for that I am truly thankful. We allow each other our differences.  To be able to be yourself with others is a gift from them that can't be bought.

4.  My friends are wonderful in my life as well.  I have some friends that I've had for many, many years and make new ones all the time.  I love the kindred spirits we've met since moving to Chester.  I have people here who "get me" on a level that no one else does (except perhaps my husband and mother, who share my interests).  And, some of them are people you don't have to make your home spotless for and feel comfortable dropping in on you (and then don't care if you're in your jammies at 1:00 in the afternoon!).  Yes, friends, new or old, are a wonderful part of my life, I treasure them and am thankful for them as well.

5.  I'm thankful for so much more including a warm home, a steady job for my husband, food in the larder and beautiful sunrises, the list could go on and on...but the last thing I will tell you about being thankful for is that I have passions in my life that I care deeply about.  Since discovering organic living when I was pregnant with my son, my interest has grown so much in that area that it's become a main focus.  I learned how to garden myself to grow the food, I found wonderful people who share that passion and made new friends in trying to source the food I couldn't grow.  I'm thankful for a drive in me that forces me to create with my hands, those are authentic, tangible gifts.  I'm thankful for my desire to cook all that food that I grow or buy from local farmers to give my family the best health possible.  Without the desire and skills to cook it, it would be pointless to care about it as much as I do.  I'm also thankful the folks who stop by my little blog and read a slice of my life from time to time.  I enjoy writing very much and hope that ya'll enjoy reading it. 

Living gratefully with many thanks, ~Peacemom