Wednesday, November 27, 2013


This is the best thing I could possibly show you.  It's been so long in coming...5 years since we first started looking at property in our hometown.  We finally closed on a house.  It's that beauty from a few posts ago.
It was built in 1755 and sits on 2.8 acres.  Has a big old barn that needs a lot of love and restoration. If you've been with me for a while, you'll remember the old barn that was falling in on itself that we worked so hard to restore with the help of others.  This barn is nowhere near in the pitiful shape that one was, so we're not scared.  It will get done.  And I'm even going to research to see if I can find some historic preservation grant money anywhere to help it along.  The house is in great condition, it needs some love of it's own and we're going to be doing some work on it.  A new kitchen is needed, along with some help for these roller coaster floors!  But overall it's a wonderful, warm place that will be the home we dreamed of for so long.  If we ever get done moving!  It's chaos over here right now, but as soon as I can sort it all out, I'll be back to update you.  I know I've not been around much lately because this has consumed my thoughts and time for a few months now.

Once renovations get ramped up, I'll be posting more on that process, plus the additional farming we'll be able to do with so much more space and a big barn.  Stay tuned, it's gonna get good 'round here!

In the meantime, here are a couple of photos of the interior for your viewing pleasure!
The living room hearth...

Kitchen...with almost no counter space for this cook...yikes!  Pretty, though...

cool cauldron in the kitchen.  We figure it must have held water to heat because it's on the back side of the fireplace.

So much else to share with you, come on back and check in!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours...we're feeling very blessed and thankful right now!