Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Bringing On The Warmth

Today, we are getting one more step towards ready for Autumn's grand arrival.  Called a local man who has a tree service here in town and got a cord of hardwood delivered.  Pretty nice wood, as you can see.  We've got a woodstove we're contemplating hooking up for the winter, but for now, this will do for the fireplace.  Living here in New England, where power outages are common in winter, we feel a whole lot more secure having some alternate form of heat from the electric powered furnace.  The fireplace won't make it balmy in the whole house, but it will keep three of the rooms liveable if need be, so that's pretty important to us. 

Next, we're gonna pay for some oil to fill the tank, and then think about getting the generator we've been contemplating for a few winters now.  We're also working up a thought to trade some labor for a snowblower, we've a friend who may not need his any longer and we need one ourselves.  He needs some cosmetic work done on his house he wants to sell, and I can paint with the best of them, scrub grime and lay laminate floor tiles to spruce it up, so we're contemplating making that offer.  We'll see what happens.

Heck, I could probably pay him in cucumbers for that snowblower!  Today's harvest, 13 more.  That brings our total since I started counting, so there were more before this, to 51 cucumbers!  Wowser!  I messed up a batch of pickles yesterday, over cooked the little buggers.  I was very upset about that, we homesteaders NEVER like to lose any produce we worked so hard to get here.  I was very frustrated, but then put it all in perspective.  I've gotten a whole lot of produce out of that garden put up.  The big picture includes reminding myself I don't have to be perfect.  I'm a work in progress and am trying very hard to be kinder to myself in my self talk and thoughts. 

Wishing you warm wood for your cozy fires, ~Peacemom

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Dog Trot Farm said...

No furnace here just a wood stove that heats the entire house. Yes, we too have wood to stack, we burn about four cords per year. Last spring we finally installed a generator and three years ago we broke down and purchased a snowblower. My husband travels out of the state each day for work and the only person I want to rely on is myself. I wish more people would barter, I think it is a win win situation for everyone. Did you give the "bad" batch of pickles to your chickens? I have been meaning to ask you, was that your horse in Bruce McMillin's photo taken at the Olsen House? Have a lovely day tomorrow, I'll be stacking wood. Hugs, Julie.