Monday, August 20, 2012

Can You Feel It?

...I can! Blessed Autumn is surely on it's way. Harvest is happening, leaves are starting to turn and the air is chillier when we wake. Actually had to pull up the blanket last night! We drove out to the coast yesterday to escape all the mayhem going on at our home (more on that in a minute), and we collected seaweed, saltwater, farm stand corn and lobsters. Which we brought home and steamed in a huge pot of water along with my garden fresh potatoes and onions over the open fire. It was AMAZING! If you've not tried this and have access to fresh seaweed and ocean water, you must give it a go. May just be the best lobster I've ever had, and the corn and potatoes had a hint of salt, it was outstanding!

This is the mayhem I spoke of earlier. The site work has begun on the house next door. I told you before that we had kind of an oasis up here, totally private, up away from the traffic, very nice indeed. 3 seasons out of the year, our view of the road, and subsequently everyone else's view of us is eliminated by the line of trees in the front of both properties. A line it took many years to grow as some of these trees must be over 100 years old gauging by the size of the trunks. The new owners are cutting down all the trees in front of their property. Allowing a complete view of our home from the street in front of their property. It is making me quite sad to have these huge trees just cut down, not to mention that they hired the guy across the street to do this with his buddy and two chain saws, so it's like one tree at a time, zzzzzzZZZZZZzzzzZZZZZZZZzzzzzzZZZZZZzzzz until they've eliminated the tree into chunks of wood. This starts at about 7:30 in the morning right next to our house and goes on all day until they can't see at about 8:00pm. Lovely.

I don't begrudge the guy his firewood, but honestly, I'm upset that our privacy is eliminated along with these trees, so I'm more then a bit annoyed about the whole thing. If we could have been in a position to purchase that land, we would have, but we weren't so now, it's being "city-fied". This is when someone from the city buys the property because they can afford it more easily then anyone living here, doesn't care to work with the pre-existing land and just chops away at everything until all the charm is gone so they can build their ugly McMansion. Then they commute to their job, are never even home, and sell it in a few years because it's just too far from their Starbucks. Sarcastic? Sorry, just seen it happen too many times.

Meanwhile, we're living in a destruction zone. We thoroughly enjoyed the peace and loveliness of the hayfield and then to have this happen to it, it's just too much to endure.

It's heavy machinery and men scraping away at farmland topsoil that has been built for an eternity, to use it for a house and a dog run. No longer will it feed anyone, or just be a respite for wildlife. Sad, honestly makes me very sad. But, as there's nothing we can do but leave our home every day while it all goes on, that's what we do. The noise is overwhelming. I just hope they are done the site work quickly so that we can enjoy the fast approaching autumn in some semblance of peace.


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Tree Removal Brooklyn said...

Agreed! Autumn is welcoming us early this year, something I am very joyous about. Save for the cold air that came out of nowhere on the 18th, I wasn't cool with that. Hahaha.

-Carlos Hernandez