Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Hello Y'all,

I'm currently listening to the Gin Blossoms cd while I attempt to do our taxes. The album is aptly named "New Miserable Experience". I've got to tell you all, I literally detest doing our taxes. And it was okay before we had a rental "income" (cough, cough, what income?) property. And the fact that we are renting when we own something is making a nightmare of it all. Having to figure depreciation, investment amounts, income...oh and did I mention I also have a home office?? all this is like a foreign language to me. It looks like I'll have to take a crash course in tax filing so I can figure out how to do this stupid thing.

Not my strong suit, this whole miserable tax experience. Anyone with advice in the know about how to manage all this is welcome to offer some assistance. I would give you a big fat kiss if you could bail me out of this depreciation misery.

Wish me luck!

Frustrated and hating the IRS today, ~Peacemom

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