Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Oh my....

I'm sorry, I know, I'm shamelessly bragging, but...could he be ANY cuter? This picture makes me tear up as I can see the boy he is becoming. He's lost so much of his little boy look in the last 3 months, and is getting his big boy looks...time's going by too quickly, the boys are so big already.

When we were in the throws of misery with them when they were infants and screaming most of their waking hours, it seemed like it would never end. Those first 6 months with Maestro-sick, skinny, us not able to comfort all his deep and unending pain-were the longest 6 months in my life. They felt like years every day. And when Little Red had the same problems at birth, well.... I knew the first night he was with us that he was in the same pain as his brother. We knew how to comfort him better, he was on prescription formula instead of breastmilk much sooner, so his discomfort didn't last as long and wasn't as severe as Maestro's, but the hours and hours of walking around with them on our arms just enduring the was all we could do to help them, just hold them and let them know they were loved in whatever way we could. Those days were eternities.

Now, I look at them both and realize that in a moment the last 7 and 5 years have passed instantly. Little Red has changed so much this year, his new school is really blossoming him into a wonderful young man. He has his challenges still with his temper and patience, but he's learning to play together with others and his teachers adore him, which is so amazingly special for him. He's just flourished there and we know we made the right decision for him to be where he is. The day care that he was at when I first went to work was okay. It did not afford him the individual attention that he dearly needed and so he really didn't like going there. Each time for drop off, he would cry or just sadly walk away from us. In his current school, he's out of the car like a shot, heading in the door with a big smile on his face with hardly a glance back at mom or dad. He just loves it there and we are so very thankful that he landed in a place where they love him back. That sort of thing doesn't happen every day, and we don't take for granted just how much that has meant for his self esteem. If anyone out there is looking for an amazing preschool experience for their child, Chester Preschool and Kindergarten is definitely IT.

Well, I'm gonna stop writing now as I've put a lot of posts on here today. I just wanted to take a moment to remember Little Red (and Maestro, too!) for the wonderful little person he is. I love them both with all my heart.

Blessings to your little people, ~Peacemom

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