Monday, March 15, 2010

A Good Day for Soup...

It is raining and blustery out, yet again. We've had over 4 inches of rain fall in the last 48 hours. And yes, our basement flooded again. Worse then the last time. We are so sick of dealing with it. And our landlord told us that is why we have a sump pump, but the sump pump does not work on the parts of the basement that are not level enough to actually drain to the sump pump. And the water is pouring down the walls on the inside of the basement, so everything is now up on pallets or in plastic tubs, but not before Music Man lost another large amount of his very cherished "stuff". He's sad, angry and sick of it. And I'm feeling the same for him.

I decided, in light of Little Red's hoarse voice and the boys having no school today that it would be a good day to make some soup. I also like to clean out the fridge of left overs and see what kind of concoction I can come up with. The boys and I had gnocchi on Saturday night and then we had a delicious farm fresh baked chicken last night along with mixed veggies. Last Friday night, for date night, Music Man and I had some wonderful ginger marinated chicken wings along with a rice mix I made up and some sauted kale. So, in the fridge I had left over gnocchi, chicken, mixed veggies and kale. I sauted some onion, celery, carrots and garlic and added some chicken stock, the gnocchi, mixed veggies and kale and a mix of herbs (basil is a favorite!). The soup came out pretty good for a "kitchen sink" soup and I whipped up a moist cornbread which I make in an iron skillet in the oven. First browned the butter in the pan and then added the batter and baked up. It's quite yummy!! Served this to the family and even the world's pickiest 5 year old ate it up. A success!

Bailing tonight, hoping for the rain to slow down and we moved Music Man's office upstairs into the kids playroom for now until we can figure out what to do with all the wet mess down there. I'm thankful he was home to deal with this today as I don't think, along with working most of the day, I would have been able to handle it. The water was at least an inch deep all over the basement and I couldn't have swept it all day like he did. He sure can come through for us when he needs to, that's my beloved hubby. Especially appreciated since our landlord only makes excuses and doesn't lend a hand when it's his responsibility.

Hope you're all dry and fairing better then we are tonight. We are eternally thankful that we didn't lose power this time around as we would have literally had at least 3 feet of water without that sump pump. Little graces, we'll take 'em.

Wishing you a dry place to lay your head tonight, ~Peacemom

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small farm girl said...

The soup sounds great! Might have to try that. Looks like you guys might have to start looking for another place.