Saturday, March 20, 2010

Homeschool Day

There are days when I have something planned that I feel will be more informative to the boys then what they will be learning in school that day. Friday was one of those days, and I've dubbed them "Homeschool Days". Friday dawned absolutely beautiful here in southern NH. Since Little Red doesn't have school on Friday, we sent Maestro off to school so that he could take his spelling test, then picked him up early and headed over to the coast for the day. We have a favorite beach over there that we frequent all year round, and decided this was the perfect day to make an appearance.

I thought that a really fun thing for the boys to start doing is keeping nature journals. Friday's lesson included a totally wonderful scavenger hunt in all the amazing things that washed ashore from the big storm a week ago. There were literally hundreds of huge clams (they may be actually quahogs, not sure, but they were BIG), which multitudes of seagulls were feasting on, crab shells, many types of sea weed and kelp, floats, naturals sponges and some flotsom and jetsom. But by far, our favorite find was pictured above. A true blue lobster claw. Very cool!

Maestro and Little Red are loving their nature journals so far. They listed what they found, three facts about each thing, and drew a picture of it. I had taken photos of many things and printed out some for them to put in their journals as well. It's pretty neat, and they did a really great job! We're going to further the lesson by going online and finding out some facts about things even Mom doesn't know about, like Razor Clams...I'd like to learn something new about them, too.

Wishing you learning and wonder in your own way, ~Peacemom

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