Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring has Sprung!

Hello All,

This is a picture of the beautiful flowers that are blooming in front of our house. Aren't they fetchin'? I love the deep color of the petals, I am becoming very fond of these little flowers. I'm pretty sure they are a type of crocus, but look different then the other ones that I posted previously. The green leaves look similar, though, so I think perhaps they are the same family.

We are planning a walk on Plum Island off the coast of Mass. this Saturday. We've read in the past that it's a wonderful view of all the migrating birds, and we should see some really great ones that perhaps we're not used to seeing here. My mother-in-law also confirmed this for us as she's gone out during the springtime as well.

I was thrilled this past weekend to see a bluebird on our feeder. We don't see those on the feeder often, and in fact, this is the first one I've ever seen on our feeder. We also got some purple finches, NH's state bird, feeding there as well. So many of the spring birds are arriving here, we've had goldfinches, cardinals, grackles, starlings, a cow bird, red wing black birds, blue bird, purple finches and many different types of hawks and a big 'ol turkey vulture. Since we have robins here all winter long, my testament to spring is the arrival of the turkey vulture. That's my true "spring's here!" bird. Music Man and the boys also sighted a great blue heron last weekend. It's a little early for some of these birds, so it's exciting to see them all arriving here in our neck of the woods.

On a bummer note, our basement has not stopped running water in over a month. Music Man likes to say he's going to just embrace it and put in a water feature down there. But seriously, it's causing big mold issues for all of us as we're all allergic to mold. Since the root cellar has a dirt floor, it just smells gross over it when it's wet- over it happens to be our bedrooms. The boys are on two different allergy meds to try to help them get's not much fun. So, unfortunately, we'll be looking for a new place to live again. Not looking forward to moving again, but we don't feel like we have a choice with the health of our children at stake. Not very many rentals in Chester, so that's causing us some concerns, but we're trying to make it work here.

Hope you're all enjoying your spring. Take a moment and notice the birds and natural wonders around you.


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