Thursday, August 6, 2009

Blueberries, Heat and a Little Bit of Autumn

Hello All!

Went blueberry picking in the incredible heat and humidity yesterday with a dear friend and her daughter. We were all covered in sweat when we were done, but I've got a beautiful $9.00 worth of blueberries to freeze. Four or so cups will grace a pie in January. There's not much to compare to a blueberry pie made with berries you picked last summer, crust from scratch while you're watching the snow fall. It brings you a bit of a summer warmth and memories when you take a bite and taste some blueberries you picked with your own hands (or little hands helped you pick!) back in August. If you don't have that option, you'll have to believe that it's just one of life's little pleasures that can't compare. No blueberry shipped from Mexico or wherever will ever taste as sweet. I implore you, take advantage of the fruits of your local produce while you can, it's better for you and certainly better for the planet, and will provide your own bit of summer in January deep freeze.

Blueberry picking was unbelievably hot, and the youngest two of our crew were ready to be done long before their mothers were. And I will admit to actually turning on the air conditioning in the van when I got back in. That's not something I feel the need to do often, but yesterday, it was seriously welcome relief. Some days, all you want is an ice cold coke and some air conditioning, and there's nothing wrong with that either!

On another note, I work most of my hours in the little sunroom on the back of our new house. It smells a little musty and dog-like from the last tenants, but I love this little room just the same. I get to work in fresh air and sunshine without the bother of copious bugs, and I'm at peace in that space. I have seen a mink, a young deer and turkeys from this room in the short time we've been here, as more wildlife travels in the dawn and dusk and that's when I'm hard at work on my new laptop. Loving the new laptop SO very much. It allows me a lot more freedom then I used to have with my desktop, makes me wonder why it took so long to talk me into it.

I'm any case the most wonderful thing I've seen out those windows is the one branch of about 10 leaves on a maple out back that have turned on their fall glory. Now, I have no idea why they would have done this already, there is nothing else out there with that kind of color show going on. All else is green and in full summer regalia, but that one branch. And I have chosen to fully believe that this is there for me. Because the universe knows how in love I am with AUTUMN, and knows that I start planning fall baking and such in July, and so it decided to give me such a wonderful autumn gift to please my soul. Just one more sign, not that we needed any more, that we are in the right place for whatever story is supposed to be unfolding for us here. Grateful, contented and peaceful describe my heart at the moment and so perhaps that's all that's supposed to happen here. Wouldn't that be wonderful?

Wishing you your own little piece of autumn glory...~Peacemom

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