Saturday, August 29, 2009

Oh, it's in the air, my friends!

Howdy Everyone!

Can you feel it? The nip in the air? Woke up this morning and needed to pull on the quilt. We left the windows open last night so we could hear the storm that elsewhere had been Hurricane Danny. We got some pleasant rain and a bit of breeze and it was lovely. And it brought even cooler winds with it, enough so that I happily pulled up the quilt and sighed with the coziness of it all. Ahhhhh, it's approaching, my friends, Autumn in all it's glory.

I really never tire of, and wish dearly that, Autumn and it's beauty and crispness could be 9 months a year and the other three snow. If I had my way, that's how it would work in my corner of the planet. There's nothing like putting your feet to hardwood in the morning and realizing that the wool socks are in order, or getting the woodpile ready for burning (we finally get to use that firewood we've had for 4 years now!), picking the Fall Gooseberry Patch cookbooks down from the shelf (and my favorite Susan Branch cookbook, Autumn). I host an Autumn inspired tea for the girls in my family in October and I usually start thinking about what I'm going to make about now...okay, so really I usually start in July, but since summer was short here in New England, I wasn't as inclined until now. The last two weeks of brutally hot weather was enough for me to tip those scales in a sweater clad direction.

I noticed mums at our local farm stand last week. Little Red wanted me to buy some...but I explained to him that I can't buy mums when it's 97 degrees outside. It's somehow sacrilegious. As I can't pick apples in shorts and a tee shirt- flannel and sweaters are a must- I can't buy mums in the height of a heat wave. It offends my sensibilities. Now, today, is a different's raining, there's a big bucket of tomatoes from my garden just waiting for me to can today, and I have an urge to go forth and procure mums. But, I don't really want to be planting in the rain. For today, my goals are simple...find something I can make with the fennel I got from the CSA yesterday, get some delicious aromas of the tomato sauce with fresh basil variety going, and relax before I'm called to mom duties again....and perhaps another slice of that warm peach coffee cake I made this morning.

Cold wood floor blessings to you, ~Peacemom

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