Friday, July 24, 2009

A Few Things Which Make Me Happy

I have to take a moment to list a few of the things in the moment that are making me happy, so here goes...
1. Blueberry season is upon us. This in and of itself is enough to elicit a big smile from my little face. When my friend and I went to pick berries, we went at 2:00 in the afternoon not realizing that picking ended at 2:00. When my friend got there, they were closing. The people ended up letting us pick for almost an additional hour, without giving us any kind of hassle. This makes me very happy, good customer service. This is our third year picking there and not only am I happy to have local fresh blueberries, but a place that will honor us by staying even when it's not the easiest thing to do. I told him we'd be back, and that our friends will hear about it. So, here I write to my friends. Go, pick blueberries at Derouchers Blueberries in Litchfield, NH if you're near.

2. Canned goods on the shelves of my the root cellar in our new home makes me very happy. Of course the fact that there's fresh local food sitting in jars that I've canned with my own little hands makes me happy, but it's a way of life we've been trying to find for a long time. And now we have it. That makes me immeasurably happy.

3. Blueberry pie sitting on my counter top cooling that my oldest son and I baked together today makes me happy (and hungry!). I know Music Man will be thrilled when he comes home from a long day at the office to fresh made blueberry pie, and that fact makes me happy as well. And the fact that I made a pie crust (NOT my forte) that came out yummy looking is making my little heart sing just a bit. The key is not over working and chilling before you roll the dough out.

4. Our new place of residence is making us all very happy. We've finally settled in a place that feels like home and is cozy and has enough room for us with a lot of land for the boys to live on. We wish we could buy it some day, but it won't be for sale...ever. At least not as long as the owner is alive. But, that's okay, we can stay as long as we want and that makes me happy as well.

5. The fact that my husband and I have jobs makes me very thankful. So many don't now, we have friends who've both been laid off, three weeks apart and they have 2 young children to safeguard. I truly feel for them as we've been in that predicament two times and it's scary and disheartening. So, I'm appreciating the grace that allows me to have the job I have, and remind myself of this in it's less then satisfying moments.

6. On to smaller things that make me happy...all the fresh veggies from the CSA, waking to morning light from our big windows, hearing my boys playing and working together to build a marble run...without fighting, seeing the birds discovering our feeder, just the fact that I can have a feeder here and not have anyone complaining that the birds are pooping on their deck, to not have the constant feeling of oppression by the neighbors at the old place, it gives me a lightness to my soul I've not had since they moved in, the beauty of Brownie's new calf Candy and her long eyelashes and doey eyes. Anyways, the list could go on, but today, for this moment, I'm feeling thankful for the blessings of my life in so many ways. Thought I'd share that with you and wish you gratitude for your blessings as well.

Enjoying the moment, ~Peacemom

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