Monday, August 10, 2009

Pontifications and such

Hi Ya'll!

This was a weekend of productivity. Music Man and I were able to get a very large part of the garage cleared out from boxes and furniture we've not had time to put away yet. Felt really good to finally make some progress on that 6 weeks after we moved in. And, Music Man took the boys to the tall ships on Saturday and I was able to get some very much needed time alone. I'm just worn out from unpacking, keeping a house running, caring for two boys full time while I'm also working almost full time. Just plain tuckered out. So, it was nice to have a few hours where I was not needed for anything other then what tasks I assigned myself. It was a breath of fresh air to my world.

I've been trying very hard to do more and more living in the moment and trying not to judge situations, but to see them for the facts that they are. One such situation is that our old house still is not rented. I have been battling a lot of emotions over this that run the gamut from anger, helplessness, disbelief and a bit of panic as we can't afford to basically pay two mortgages for very long. So, I am angry because we are on our third set of tenants that backed out on us. For various reasons (wanted to be closer to "town", not the right time to move after all, etc), they have taken time and energy away from showing and renting our place to people who might have stayed there. The last ones wasted 3 weeks of precious time waffling until they finally decided they just didn't want to move right now. I understand that people's circumstances change, whatever, but to have taken three weeks of our time to decide this, in the time of year when people are moving for school was very angering. I am confounded by people's lack of regard for others. We've not had may bites as of yet for reasons I'm about to expound on.

I am also angry because we listened to advice in the know about what to charge for rent (we were initially WAY too high, but didn't figure that out right away), and wasted time with that. It's just been much more of a stressor in our lives then we ever anticipated. Now, we've dropped the rent three times and still no bites. And this place is very pretty and in good shape. I don't say this as the owner and part of the team that did the work to get it way. Lots of other people think the same thing.

Frustrating...then...I try very hard to release the thoughts that are causing the anger and just accept that this is what is. I approached it differently, reworded the ad, etc and am trying a new way to accomplish this task. If nothing else, it's given me a peaceful sense of the situation I had not had before, and for that I am grateful. I'm trying to just feel the faith that brought us to this move in the first place and allow the light of that to shine through. It's all a work in progress.

I spent some time on our front deck this weekend, enjoying the birds, the beautiful surroundings, the whineys of the horses and crows of the roosters in our "neighborhood", reading in the cool breeze and sunshine and just listening to my little corner of the world. It was a healing time for me as I've not spent enough time in the being lately, but too much in the worrying. As I said, it's all a work in progress.

Please send some positive energy to get a warm body in that condo soon! ~Peacemom

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