Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A New School Year

Hello All!

Today is the first day of first grade for Maestro. He was so danged cute walking into that big school this morning. He was anxious about it and had a "tummy ache" the last two nights, but this morning, he was raring to go. We had an orientation yesterday and got to see his classroom and meet his new teacher (she seems like a total peach) and now he's offically an elementary school student.

We were originally going to have him ride the bus to school. But, I have my reservations about this as the bus is K-8 on the same bus. Now, they say the younger kids sit in the front, and it gets progressively older as you descend towards the back, but honestly, they are packed in like sardines, three to a seat and how can they really keep an eye on what happens there? Plus, I've learned from other moms that a good portion of the "bad" things that kids learn is on the bus, and so, wanting to keep him innocent at least one more year, I'm driving him. I've got to take Little Red to preschool 4 mornings a week anyways and they are about a mile or so apart, so what's the big deal.

Speaking of Little Red, he's not at all happy that his all day playmate is now gone all day. Not a bit happy about it. Not sure how we're going to fill up whole days, he and I, but we'll manage. In two weeks, he'll be starting preschool at his new school and I know it's going to be a tough transition for him, but I also know he'll be okay. He's learning in his own way that he can do more then he thinks he can.

But, back to Maestro as this is his day. He is really excited to be going to his new school and looking forward to the adventure of it. He gets to eat his lunch in a big cafeteria and play in a big gym, both things his last kindergarten didn't have. AND he gets his own desk and everything. I don't know how he'll do with having to sit still all day long, that's not our strong suit in our house. For any of us, really. Working at a desk all day is a killer physically for anyone isn't it? It's not what our bodies were made for at all.

So, no tears on this mom's part this morning. It gets easier to let them do these things as the years go on. This time last year, I was a weepy mess. Maestro got on the bus and I lost it when he drove away. I can't imagine what it will be like to say good bye when he goes off to college, for now, I'm just trying to let him get to the first grade okay. Wish me luck.

Happy first school days to you, ~Peacemom

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