Saturday, January 28, 2012

What The Heck?

This is January.  In southern New Hampshire.  Am I the only one that's nervous that this is all the snow we've got left? This is the backyard at our house, where the garden sits.  It has been the warmest winter here I can remember in the 34 years I've been a New Englander.  It has its lower heating bills and not having to deal with our hella driveway every day.  But on another hand, New Hampshire is ski country. You can imagine what that means for our tourist dollar that our state relies heavily on for income. 

I know, I know there are those that still think global warming is a fallacy.  I am not one of them.  I'm wondering what all this will mean for our apples and maple syrup.  Both types of trees need extended cold to put them in a true dormant state so they can produce our food.  Our FOOD.

I'm feeling this is truly something we should be fretting about.  A lot. 

Uneasy in New Hampshire, ~Peacemom


Dog Trot Farm said...

I agree Vonnie, It will be interesting to see how the weather affects the Maple sugaring season. You know my three year old hens have never molted, I'm wondering if the mild winter weather has something to do with this. I do hope things are beginning to look up for you and your family, keep your chin up! Hugs, Julie.

Peacemom said...

Thanks, Julie for the words of encouragement...they help more then you know!

I've got two bald backed chickens because of Betty the Feather Plucker! I'm actually hoping they will molt soon so that they can grow them back, poor things. Looks like my flock is abused or something.

Peace to you, ~Vonnie