Friday, June 10, 2011

Ogunquit State of Mind

Hello All,

Above is a photo I took in Ogunquit last weekend.  For the first time in almost 8 years, Music Man and I took a night (two actually!) away from our children.  I don't really consider the one night we spent away from them when Little Red was born...since I spent the whole night in labor (28 hours to be exact) and Music Man spent fitful and intermittent sleep on a little bed in the room.  So, no, not a vacation for either of us.  It was so long overdue and so needed after the 15 completely stressful months we just spent. 
My mother-in-law very graciously agreed to take the boys.  She escorted them to their three hours of baseball practice, and around to a bunch of  "The Cousins" baseball and basketball games, and their favorite sports card store and out to eat and they got to sleep away from us for the first time in their lives.  They had a great time and Grammy enjoyed their company.  The gift of time is the best gift she could have given us and it was very appreciated.

We started our trip arriving at the inn where we had reservations.  You know, when you are reserving something site unseen, it can be interesting.  I have a dear friend that LOVES Ogunquit, and I asked for recommendations, but as he either camps or stays at friend's timeshares there, he didn't have a clue where to stay.  I had two requirements.  A jacuzzi tub I fit in (for those that don't know me personally, I'm a chubby tall girl and need a nice big jacuzzi).  It was made for two and was very nice. We also wanted a fireplace in the room as well.  What we got was a lovely, large one bedroom suite with a jacuzzi and fireplace in the bedroom.   However, the sitting area of the place has one VERY tiny little loveseat (it was an oversized chair, really).  That was it for seating.  Being there two nights, we were sort of hoping for a place to hang, have a drink or two.  This was not that space.  It was a little strange.  In any case, we went right down to the downtown area and decided to get a dessert and sit and people watch. There is not much chance to do that in our little country town.  Fun, fun stuff.  Ogunquit is a gay mecca besides being a lovely destination and some of the people we saw had nothing but fun in mind.  It was amusing and we enjoyed their energy. 
Then Sat morning we had the continental breakfast offered by the Inn and headed downtown again to sit on the square, enjoy some tea and coffee and enjoy the lovely morning.  We had amazing and perfect weather the whole weekend, we could not have asked for more.  We walked along the Marginal Way which is a 1 mile walk that goes all along the water.  There are many people that enjoy this and we were able to find an older couple to take our picture.  This is us...
and this is them enjoying one of the many benches along the trail.

and we found the house that our friend, who is totally missing his calling and should be an inn owner, should buy and renovate.  Right on the water, large gorgeous lot and needs someone to love it...

  then we sat on a bench and talked of our lives and our relationship and what the past 10 years together has brought our way.  It was a meaningful, sentimental wonderful discussion in front of a vast and beautiful ocean. We also talked about how we don't have enough time to do just this often enough.  Life gets in the way much too often. 
Music Man also made an offering on a cairn that was built on the rocks...kinda fun I think.

Amazing landscaping all along this trail makes for such an enjoyable walk.   Above is a poppy I just couldn't resist, so fetchin'.

We had a truly enjoyable walk that ended with me falling off a little edge on the walk and spraining my ankle, which was not fun.  And embarrassing that so many people watched me fall and my camera hit the pavement at a very high rate of speed.  Thank goodness that no permanent damage was done to either one of us!

We ate lunch at Barnacle Billy's.  Because there are just some things you should do once in your life.  Our server was great and even brought me a bag of ice for my quicky swelling ankle.  After enjoying more good food (our entire trip was great food and direly needed relaxation), we very slowly made our way back to the hotel for a bit.  We ate supper at the Cape Neddick Lobster Pound restaurant.  This is a place we had visited before we were married.  We were very pleased to find the food still great and the atmosphere equally so. Though, what is with young girls wearing tank tops with their bra straps hanging out.  First of all, so unhygenic to serve food in a tank top (I'll just say deodorant and leave it at that-gross), secondly, modesty is a virtue.  I don't need to see all that hanging out everywhere when all I want is my clam chowder.  But the rest of the experience was positive, so it's all good.  Music Man especially enjoyed his beer float.  This place took a Chocolate stout and added scoops of ice cream.  He coulda died and gone to heaven.  He doesn't drink much , and he is a beer snob, so for him to see something like that...well, there was no doubt he was going to have to try it.

The next day, another awesome meal at the Wild Blueberry, in which we also enjoyed a charming older couple serenade us with some upright bass and piano music.  Outstanding pancakes and Irish Eggs and live music, what could be better?

Though I missed my children, I was still sad to leave that perfect moment in time.  It was so nice to be able to spend a whole weekend not being needed by anyone, or cooking for anyone or cleaning up after anyone and to be catered to for a bit after 8 years, well that was as priceless as it gets.  We both agreed, we won't wait another 8 years to do it again. 

Wishing you some romantic time with your loved one, ~Peacemom


Kristen said...

You're making me PINE for New England. Miss the coast - and all the history and charm and nostalgia that goes along with it. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the picture of the two of you. Absolutely wonderful! You should frame that one, my friend. xo

Ruta said...

Oh, that sounds like you found a peice of heaven (except for the sprained ankle part). I love walking the marginal way and smelling the salt spray I realize I haven't been there in quite a few years. I can't imagine walking back on a sprained ankle though - ouch!
So glad you had a beautiful weekend!

Peacemom said...

Kristen, Yes, PINE, and then MOVE HOME. Miss you all so much.

Ruta, that was a SLOW walk back and I got one vicious sunburn because of it. We literally had $1in cash on us (no we didn't plan that well, who pays cash for anything now?), so no trolley ride. But, on the upside I sure got a nice slow view of all the beautiful inns and houses on the way back!

Candace said...

I absolutely loved this post and your photos. So happy you got a chance to have that time away. Ogunquit is beautiful! I just mapped it so see how close it is to us. It's on the list of places for this summer. Thanks for sharing!