Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Flora & Fauna of Spring

Hello Everyone!

I just wanted to share some of the beautiful flowers that are coming up for spring.  Since we're on our 4th straight day of rain, with another 4 in the forecast, I needed to do something to cheer myself up.  All this dreary weather can be a real drag.  So, just in case you're needing some too, here's a little cheer for us all.
These have cropped up around our yard in a few spots, not sure what they are, but they are sweet!

Lovely white lilacs, which grace the chicken coop and have poison ivy growing all around it's base.

Apple blossoms bringing the promise of fall harvest.

The grass is funny to me in the picture because you can see where I could reach with mower further out and then when it gets closer to the tree, it's long as can be.  Mowing two whole acres is a lot of work!  I'm rethinking those sheep...
Peach blossoms, though the picture focus is very challenging on a little digital screen, so it's a bit blurry.  Just in case you've never seen peach blossoms (as I hadn't) thought I'd put this on anyway.

Not sure what there are, any suggestions?

I'm a huge fan of the textures and patterns of nature, here our hostas are on full display.

And a few lovely tulips are gracing us in some fun places.  That's the beauty of living in a house for the first spring, when the flowers pop up and surprise you!

And these purple beauties are adorning our walkway and lots of other spots in our lawn. I believe they are some sort of violet, so charming!
Wishing you some beautiful flowers in your rainy day, ~Peacemom


Anonymous said...

I think the first pic of the little pinkisk/purple flowers is of phlox, and the other one that you didn't know looks like young hydrangea blossoms. Phlox usually grow in clumps and hydrangeas will be either pink or blue according to how acidic the soil is where they are growing. Nice pictures!

Dog Trot Farm said...

Oh, how I wish the sun would shine, not only are we becoming soggy but moldy here at Dog Trot Farm. My girls have had enough, they are tired of truding through the muck! Your pretty pictures did brighten my day, thank you!

Ruta said...

Pretty pictures!
I wish I had some phlox growing around reminds me of my grandmother's house.