Monday, June 20, 2011

Chicken Update

Okay, so folks have been asking for chicken updates.  I was sure I was driving everyone crazy with my chicken obsession, so I took a little break from talking about them.  Now, I'm getting requests from family and friends to put an update and some pictures up, so here goes...

This is handsome Pete Rose.  He's grown into quite the looker, hasn't he?  He crows all day long, beginning about 4:30 am.  Though he's tough on the girls, and Tulip in particular, he's doing his Big Protector job very well.  He will round them all up at night and get the girls in the coop for me.  I just wait for him to do his nightly duty and go out and close the door.  He watches very well for anything he perceives as danger and has a special warning BOK! bok bok. when he's not liking the look of something.  Or the sound of something, come to think of it.  He makes that sound every time I'm in the sunroom and cough.  He can't see me, so it startles him into the BOK! bok bok. (Shhhh don't tell him, but sometimes I cough just for fun). Funny stuff.

And this beauty is the lovely Victoria.  She's the one we thought looked like a hawk when she was just a chick.  She has fluffy little mutton chops that I love.  She's quite stately and is the leader of the girls.  She's not mean, but she keeps them in line and isn't afraid to put Pete Rose in shall we say...amorous place.  I can also pet her too, she's the only one that seems to enjoy that activity.

This picture just cracks me up.  This is Betty and she's the most outgoing of the girls.  She's the first at the door when you open the coop and the first to the "Treaties" bowl.  I love her because she's very inquisitive, as you can sense from this shot.  The girls are all still contained until they are just a bit bigger and so it's hard to get a picture without the fence in front.  I was moving the top screen back and putting the camera inside the fence.  She was very curious about what I was doing and wouldn't hold still, so this is the best I could do, but it's so her, the expression and everything, just very her.

And here we have Victoria, Wilma and Magnolia.  The two Fayoumis in the back are very skittish and not very interactive.  They are the feral of the bunch, but stick together and Wilma is Victoria's best bud, which you can probably see here.

And here we have Betty on the right and Tulip on the left.  They are bestest amigas and hang together.  Tulip is pretty friendly considering Pete never (and I do mean NEVER) leaves her alone, she's his amore even though she doesn't want to be and steers clear of him when she can.  He daily rips out her feathers.  Tulip, Honey, we've all been there. Boys.

So, that's the chicken update.  It's impossible to me to think that just 13 short weeks ago they were little puff balls cheeping in the brooder box.  They are growing up quite lovely and seem to be pretty happy.  And they are making me quite the same. Watching them is better then anything on cable, that's for sure.

Wishing you Farm TV in your backyard, ~Peacemom 

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