Monday, June 27, 2011

We've Named Him Mullett

It's Haught's Wild Kingdom here on our little plot.  The chickens have brought out a plethora of wildlife.  We see this beautiful skunk almost nightly now, we've named him Mullett (this was Music Man's idea, I cracked up, it stuck).  The boys spotted a "rat" a few days ago running away from the chicken's pen (luckily they were inside their coop for the night).  It turns out it's probably a mink as it has a long body and not too much of a tail.  Either way, not boding well for the chickens and their eggs.  Dog.  We need a dog.

This video was fun, I was so close to Mullett, and he's not phased by us.  Not safe for him as far as fear of humans goes, but he sure is pretty.  I've never seen a skunk that has so much white on it, he's mostly white with a long, luxurious tail.  Maybe he should be Peppy La Pew after all, he's quite divine.

Wishing you some wildlife adventures of your own,  ~Peacemom


Jennifer and Steve said...

So cute! Love those little skunks. :) You all sure have a lot of grass to mow! Hope lots of veggies are growing for you. :)

Ruta said...

He sure is a handsome skunk...seems to feel at home with you!

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

What a funny little skunk! Yes, I bet your hens don't like him one bit. We've had troubles w/ a raccoon getting after our chickens :-(