Monday, January 10, 2011

Little Readers

This was the scene that met me when I got up on Friday morning.  The boys were already up (you can see the windows are was E-A-R-L-Y) and deep into their respective books.  Quiet as little churchmice is not their usual state,  but here they were, reading away.  It was a lovely site for my fever addled brain.  Both of them are really great and voracious readers.  Maestro can finish a Matt Christopher sports book in literally a few hours (these are about 150 pages or so), he just loves to read and always has since he learned at 3.  Little Red has really come into the joy of reading chapter books in his own right in the last 4 or so months.  He really enjoys them a lot.  I'm so happy that the boys enjoy this past time, as both Music Man and I are also insatiable readers.  They discovered the joy of going to neat places in a book and using your mental imagination to put yourself there.  Love this about them both, life is so much deeper and richer when you can read, not really sure why that is, but sure know it's the truth.

Wishing you a good book of your own, ~Peacemom

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Dog Trot Farm said...

Peacemom, Happy New Year to you and your family! I am sorry to hear you are ill.... hope you are on the mend soon. Those are two precious little motherly heartstrings kicked in as I read your post. My two little boys are now grown men but your photo sure brought back many happy memories.