Saturday, January 1, 2011

And So Dawns A New Year...

Good Morning All,

Of course, this is the day to reflect on the passed year, is it not?  So, I'll do just that.  We had one heck of a year in 2010. I, for one, am not sad to see it go, it's been one of way too much stress for our family.  Beginning with Music Man's lay off which lasted 10 months, then losing power again for 6 days in the midst of a hurricane in NH in February.  February also brought a flooded basement, loss of a large amount of our belongings in that flood, and water running through the basement for 3 solid months with a landlord who did not care and only told us of his troubles when we asked for a solution.  Consequently came another move which was unexpected, unwanted and very challenging, haven't sweated or been that physically tired in so long.  The serious illness of a family member, divorce of dear friends, bullies in school...yes a year with too much stress and anxiety that taxed us in ways you can't imagine if you've not lived it.  And then all in one year to boot.

But along with this year came lots of things to be thankful for as well.  Music Man has a great new job (which we're hoping will go permanent in February) doing something he feels is beneficial and worthwhile, we've made new friends who quickly have become very dear to us, we've landed in a great new house (and outside of the vertical driveway, is wonderful), have our health (well, mostly) and were able to get through 10 months of unemployment without incurring too much further debt, thankful for the job that I have that allowed that to happen (though it's far from perfect, the opportunity to help my family through this large hurdle was), the boys are doing very well, mostly happy, mostly healthy, the reconnection with a friend too long missing from my life, opportunities to be together with family members, the sources of fresh and local food I've found and the friendships formed because of it...the list could go on and on.

So, for 2011, I'm hoping for some peace, some status quo if you will.  Don't want to move, don't want to worry about Music Man having to find a new job, kids happy and healthy and carving out some time for myself in there as well.  Hoping to find the time to get on an exercise routine, get a nice garden in and hear chickens clucking while I'm weeding.  Hoping that family members dealing with serious illness will find the peace and strength they need to continue, that family peace that seemed to prevail this year will remain with other members and that all will just be okay for the year.  I pray for peace in the world, the ability for all of us to come together, no matter what politics or religion you follow and heal the planet and so much of what is in discord with humankind.  I know, big hopes and dreams, but if I'm gonna dream, I'm gonna make it big. 

Wishing you all a year filled with happiness, health and grace, ~Peacemom

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