Thursday, November 11, 2010

With Thanks

Today, Veteran's Day is one that has me torn.  As a Quaker, one of my deepest personal beliefs is pacifism.  So, the armed forces is something I struggle with personally.

But, as an American, I recognize that our country would not be the place it is today without our troops defending our shores.  There are many things about the military and it's actions that I can't agree with.  But, I'm able to take this on a more personal level as my nephew, Roberto, is in active duty in the Marines. He just came back from a long deployment in Afghanistan, having returned from a long deployment in Iraq before that.  I know the sacrifices my niece, Melissa and he have had to make.  They've been apart more of their 5 year marriage then they have been together because of his deployments.  The sacrifices on those levels sure become a whole lot more personal when you see it in your own family.  He's not one of a lot of faceless Marines to me, but he's the face of all the men and women in service.  The sacrifices they make for what they believe to be important is astronomical.  For that, I am grateful.

So, to all the servicepeople who feel called to duty to defend our country, I humbly thank you for your sacrifices.  It seems like it's insufficient, just a simple thank you.  But it comes from my heart and with deep respect for your commitment and sense of duty.  Thank you from this little family in New Hampshire.

Grateful and humbled, ~Peacemom

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