Sunday, November 14, 2010

Turkeys, Birthday & Cupcakes

These are the little turkey cupcakes we came up with for Maestro's birthday.  As his actual birthday falls between Halloween & Thanksgiving, he wanted a Halloween themed birthday party and Thanksgiving cupcakes for his class.    So, I hunted around to websites to see what ideas were out there and came up with this one. 

We sure had a fun time shopping for the goodies to make them, then decorating them together.  He actually made the cupcakes all by himself ( I offered some help with the stand mixer and the in/out of the oven, but other then that he did it alone!), and was quite proud of himself.  I thought he did a great job!

So, we have a rafter of turkeys (it's really what they are called in a group, go ahead, Google it, you know you want to!) to please his friends in class with tomorrow.  And Little Red is NONE to happy that there aren't enough for him to have one as there were just enough cookies in the pack to make 20 cupcakes.  But, he's enjoying the left over candy corn!

Happy Birthday, Maestro!  8 years ago today, I wasn't yet a mother.  I was blessed to add you to my life and change it forever.  Music Man and I were very thankful to become a family with you and Little Red and tomorrow I celebrate your birth and the gift of you added to my life.  I love you, Yum....

~Wishing you the deep love for your child, ~Peacemom

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