Monday, November 1, 2010

All Hallow's Eve.....eeewwwwhhhhhooooo!

Here are my little ghostie Goblins on Halloween!  Little Red is of course, Spiderman.  I had to laugh, he kept saying he wanted to be Spiderman.  He has NEVER seen Spiderman in his young 6 years.  Too violent for our family taste.  So, I'm not sure which friend of his has a Spiderman obsession, but I'm thinking one of them must.  So, I kept telling him, you don't know who Spiderman is, him insisting he DOES TOO.  I didn't want to, but I caved and  bought him a Spiderman costume that I found at Big Lots. 

A few days later, I said to him, "Little Red, who did you want to be for Halloween?" 

He surprises me, after his vehement insistance that he wanted to be SPIDERMAN!, and says "I don't know yet".  This, after I already bought the costume, the little stinker. Which, I might add, I didn't want to buy in the first place (always, ALWAYS listen to your little inner voice, folks).  So I said to him, "Do you remember who you said you wanted to be?" 
"Nope" came the reply.  (GGGRRRRR)
So, I started to pull the costume out of the bag.  And I get it part way out and he's looking at it all befuddled.  "What's that?" he queries.  So, I pull out the mask, which as you can see is a dead giveaway. 
"Do you recognize it now?" I ask.
"What's that?" comes the reply.
Ummm...are we kidding?  I had tried and tried to tell him that he did not know who Spiderman is (I DO TOO!).  So, I said, "It's Spiderman, buddy". 
"That's not Spiderman" he firmly states.
"Oh but it IS,"  I tell him.  It was not until I showed him the package with the SPIDERMAN! label that he believed me.  And as you can see, he wore it whether or not he knew who that superhero was.  I was not going back to Big Lots!

Maestro wanted to be a mummy, so I spent almost 8 hours making an entire mummy costume from 3 yards of muslin and some thread.  He was so excited to have this costume and we all thought he looked great. 

We all had a fun time walking the dark street with the boys' Grandmother.  Halloween in our town is literally taken to an artform.  We even have one house that is owned by a retired professional opera singer who puts on a "Phantom Of The Opera" song every 10 minutes or so.  Hundreds of people walk along a 1/2 mile stretch of the oldest houses in town. 

Many decorate their houses to the nines, some have haunted houses in their barns or haunted corn mazes and the college even gets in on the act with a candy/water stop for the kids.  A local horse person dresses up like the headless horseman and gallops up and down the street (and it's a fantastic costume, too.  So very cool).

There is a huge pirate ship where the homes owners dress up like pirates and hand out the candy to all the unsuspecting kiddies. 

Our town takes Halloween to a whole new level!  Very fun and I've never seen anything like it in any other place I've ever lived.  A very fun Halloween indeed!

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