Monday, July 6, 2009

Moved...well almost!

Hello All,

It's been a whirlwind couple of months. I can't even begin to tell you what all has been going on here at Casa de Peaceable Kingdom. We're buried in stress at the moment, but happy to be in our new home.

1. moving did not go as smoothly as expected because we lacked help. The help we had worked like dogs, and for them we are eternally greatful, but wow are we ever tired. It has taken us over a week to get 95% of our belongings here from there.

2. After discovering that too much STUFF has accumulted in our lives in the last 4 1/2 years since our last move, many trips to the GoodWill were made. And, in unpacking, Music Man and I are realizing that we still have more then we'll need anytime soon. Once you own a house, the tools and floatsum & jetsom that accumulates needs to be disposed of once you no longer need them. Problem is, and I've told you all this before, I live with the human packrat...though he's slowly coming around to not needing so much. I really think it's a left over emotion from his childhood when he moved so many times that he was not allowed to accumulate and so is making up for lost time now!

3. The boys have been really wonderful during this process and some family jumped in and helped out with them for the two days of the largest part of the move. It was truly great to know that they were having a good time and not having to deal with watching the only lives they remember getting packed into boxes and trucks. It was a stressful process for them to have to deal with, and I know it's weird for them to see their old house basically empty.

4. I way overdid it last weekend with the move and had some heart problems coming up from the deep dark places to add to the stress factor. Having to drive myself to the ER at 3:30 in the morning, not knowing anyone here in our new town who could sit with the boys at that hour, Music Man had to stay with them. I was okay in the end, it stopped on it's own, but 2 1/2 hours of very irratic heart traffic just plain stunk. Not fun and pretty scary.

5. This past Saturday, we woke up on the 4th of July to a completely toasted computer. Can't retrieve a thing off it at this point. A latent Trojan some idiot infected our computer with. Those people have a place somewhere special waiting for them, just not funny at all. Too much time on their hacking little hands and people who can't afford it have to replace a computer so one half of the income earners can work. Music Man has put some great effort and worry into the darned thing, but it's not happy at all. So we went to Sams and bought a new laptop, which we've been wanting for a while and finally took the plunge. Wasn't in the finances right now, but we have been contemplating getting one for over three years now and since it seems we'd need a new computer, might as well do it now. For the record...I LOVE MY NEW LAPTOP!

6. After not feeling up to much this whole week with some sort of stomach bug for 5 days, the unpacking is coming along so much slower then I hoped. But, I got the upstairs of the old place cleaned and will work on the rest of it this week so that Music Man can paint a few rooms that need freshening up and we'll be renting it soon we hope. Gotta get the income coming in from that or it's gonna get interesting around here!

Well, hopefully I will be able to post a little more often again. Don't know if anyone has been missing my posts, but I've certainly missed having the time, energy and the outlet of this blog.

Peace to you all on this glorious sunny day,


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