Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sprouts are UP!

These are the seeds I planted about 2 weeks ago in my bay window in the dining room.  Total southern sun exposure and look at how happy they are!  I've got 2 types of cukes, zucchini, lettuce, two types of peas, kale, broccoli and cauliflower in there. 
Here are some happy cukes.  Music Man and I are going to be building a mini-high tunnel over two of the existing garden beds in the next couple of days (more on that later and as the season progresses).  For now, the seeds are doing very well.  Thank you, High Mowing Organic Seeds for the awesome stock, you never disappoint!

In mere weeks we will be eating our own homegrown peas, just can't wait!  A salad made with your own lettuce is never outdone.  What do you have planned for your garden beds?  If you don't have room for beds, how about a nice planter box full of lettuce on your balcony, or a some potted tomatoes on the fire escape?  Be creative and grow some food, however, whereever you can.  Your body will thank you for it (and so will your grocery bill!).

Until next time, ~Peacemom, Gardener

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Jennifer and Steve said...

So exciting for you! We are in gardening mode here too, in amongst the painting projects, and upcoming bathroom addition and remodel. Never a dull moment! Happy spring. :)