Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

Happy blessings to you and your loved ones this Easter Sunday!

So far, one of the best things about Easter for me was saving the white eggs our Egyptian Fayoumis laid over the course of a week.  It was so neat for me to see the boys coloring our own white eggs instead of having to buy the factory farmed ones at the grocery store this year.  That was a moment of delight for me.

We did end up with a dozen, but the boys were so excited to get coloring them that I missed getting a picture of the full dozen before they were colored.

They had fun drawing designs on them this year...can you figure out which two were mine? 

This morning began with the Easter Basket Frenzy!  The boys were up at 7:15 looking to open their Easter baskets.  When I was little, we just got up and went at it, we didn't need our parents there...Music Man's family would wait for their parents to even go look at the baskets and that's what we do now. 

The Easter Bunny has toned WAY down on the candy and mostly does little toys because the boys do multiple egg hunts and end up with WAY more candy then they are allowed to eat.

The favorite of the morning seemed to be the bowling and soccer marble game.  Miniature everything and the most fun of all the toys. 

There were also make-your-own saiboats, a diving game (for when they go to someone else's pool this summer), tek deks (for those of you that don't know what these are they are all the rage with the 7-10 year old boys, miniature skateboards they ride and do tricks with their fingers), a few chocolate bunnies and jelly beans.

Then the egg hunt ensued...Maestro is so competitive that when Little Red got 8 eggs and he only had 7, he was upset.  Even for an Easter egg hunt he has to win.  I personally never knew there was a loser at the Easter Egg hunt, isn't getting the candy inside the point?

After all the festivities, we ate hard boiled eggs and in a few minutes I will be making some Belgian waffles for a brunch, then it's off to my sister house to spend the afternoon with her family and inlaws. 

Maestro and I also watched Joel Osteen on the TV.  Being Quakers, we don't have a meeting house anywhere near us, but I do feel a strong desire to hear the words of God on a day like this.  The boys haven't had a religious education formally, but we do talk about God and Jesus and what they mean in our lives. After we watched the show with a great positive message of hope, Maestro and I headed out to the garden beds to get them ready for the hoop house to be installed.  While we worked, we talked about the message on the program, how he can talk to God, and why unfair or challenging things happen to good people when it doesn't seem fair.  We've had a lot of experience with that the last year or so, and it was nice to hear his perspective on all this.  He's a thoughtful kid with a spiritual nature, and I really enjoyed that time together talking.  I even taught him the Lord's Prayer and explained what each verse means.  So far, that's been my very favorite thing about Easter Sunday, that connection and time with my son being able to talk openly about what faith is in my life.  Yes, very favorite, indeed.

How did you celebrate today? 

Wishing you a warm and fuzzy Easter, ~Peacemom

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