Saturday, May 14, 2011

There's No Place Like Home!

Okay, so, you'll have to forgive me obsessing about my chicks.  I do promise, the thrill will wear off eventually.  But also revealing that I've wanted my own chicks for 31 years may help you understand the obsession...I just can't help myself.

In any case, after a very L-O-N-G morning at the baseball field (8:30-12:00) watching my two hooligans play ball and get their team photos taken, we came home.  Music Man worked on the coop all afternoon and into the evening and the chicklets are now enjoying their first night in their new digs.

This coop is truly a work of art.  I will be putting a coat or two of barn red paint and white trim on it after the 7 days of rain we are expecting to grace us for the next week, so we all have those pictures to look forward to.  In any case, the coop was my Mother's Day gift from Music Man, and he put so many hours into the Taj MaCoop.  But, I think you'll all agree, it's a fitting home for the "Lil' Nuggets" as I like to call them.
He did a really amazing job fitting a scavenged window into place...

...and creating a chicken door that the girls will be using to go in and out of their exercise yard.  He even rigged it so that we can just pull the rope from the outside of the coop to let them in and out.
And this is how it looks basically finished, I just need to add paint!

And here are the Lil'Nuggets in for the first time...don't they look happy!

Thanks to my dear, sweet, handy husband.  You never cease to amaze me. 

Wishing you new straw smell in your coops, too, ~Peacemom


Ruta said...

What a beautiful coop...and a perfect Mother's Day gift!

Dog Trot Farm said...

Your little McNuggets just might need a heat lamp tonight!!LOL Very cute coop, Music Man did a wonderful job and I am sure your girl's will enjoy their new cozy digs. Oh the rain, well at least it is lush and green outside, could be worse! Hugs, Julie.

Jennifer and Steve said...

Yay! Looks super fantastic! I understand your rain frustration. That's been the story of our lives here this spring and we're in the middle of another batch now. It's driving me CRAZY! Hope the sun shines soon for you. Don't work too hard....