Friday, April 15, 2011

Is This A Baby Hawk?

You may be wondering if this is a baby hawk stopped by to chat with my chicks...but no.  In fact, it's ONE of the chicks!  This is the now teenage gangly Victoria.  She's an Americauna pullet.  We can't get over how much she looks like a baby hawk, though!

And, remember this picture just a couple of posts ago?  Here's Betty now!  Look how her red feathers are coming in.  Isn't she just beautiful?
And the tails on these girls!  Everyone but Rose is getting a beautiful set of tail feathers.  Her's are a bit stumpy, but I believe her breed does not have long tails, she's an Anacona.  But she's got the biggest comb coming in.  See her in the picture above?  She's the one on the left.  You can't see her comb so well in that shot, but it's much bigger then the other girls.  What are combs for anyways?  Does anyone know?

You can also see in the photo above that Betty has mastered the perch I put in for them to learn on.  She had a tough go of it at first.  She would get up there and lose her balance and flap and flap, but still end up upside down, hanging on with her toes.  To be honest, though I'm sure she was a bit embarrassed, it was highly entertaining for me.  The one bad thing about the girls is the amount of DUST they have imparted upon my home.  I have them out in the sunroom during the day now, but they still come in at night, where they dust bathe and just generally get their fun on.  It makes a serious dust issue in there and as a person with asthma, that's just not a good thing.  Ah well, what's perfect, right?

They have just been a blast so far.  I really am having a good time with the girls, they make me smile every day. 

Wishing you some chick dust of your own, ~Peacemom


Ruta said...

Vonnie, it is so much fun to watch your little chickies grow!
I hope you are having a great weekend!

Dog Trot Farm said...

Vonnie, I warned you about the chicken dust! LOL Those babies are worth every bit of dust they create and than some....The girls are growing so fast, but the entertainment will only enhance. My Frizzle's are coming May 11th, I can't wait, dust and all!