Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Father of Our Country

Oh my goodness, I just have to post this because I can't stand how flippin' cute my kid is.  Yesterday, the second grade at his school performed a very fun play about the history of our country.  My little Maestro was chosen to be George Washington (that's Martha sitting next to him). 

He made quite an impression as he is pretty comfortable speaking in front of people on stage.  He's a total ham bone, actually.  Always has been, and so is Little Red.  I'm not sure where they get that from as neither Music Man and I are all that comfortable doing the same, and I did a bit of theater in my youth.  In any case, the kids worked so hard on this play and God bless the teachers that organized it and made it so enjoyable.  They get their saint medals for this production as I'm sure it was pretty interesting keeping almost 40 kids focused and on que.

Earlier this month Maestro and Little Red played band members in the school's portrayal of Music Man, Jr.  And yes, I do believe that's twice in one month I had to pretend I had something in my eye so I didn't look like a sap while my kids were on stage.  But, as you live these things as a mom, you remember to pack the tissues and eye drops in the purse so no one can tell what's REALLY going on...Crying?  Who, me?  No, that's just some dust...

Wishing you some proud parent moments of your own, ~Peacemom


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How delightful! You are raising two very talented wonderful boys. How are the little "peeps" doing? I visited my local grain store today and there to my delight were two boxes full of bantams and silkies. Be still my heart, however, I regained my composure and left empty handed! Easter blessings to you and yours.