Saturday, August 7, 2010

New Home

Hello All,

We are finally in and living in a sea of boxes.  It was by far the hardest move we've made to date with the amount of work we did ourselves.  I swear, I will never look at movers the same way again! I've been making progress with putting things away, but Music Man and I have determined that we still have way too much stuff.  This house is definitely putting to the forefront the need to pare things down even further.  I already have a couple of bags worth of stuff for the "Still Good Shed" at the transfer station, and Music Man donated about 9 boxes of books.  Since meeting me, he's really come a long way in getting rid of the stuff that he now realizes is more baggage then it is necessary.  It's a work in progress.

The new kitchen is very small, and it's going to be challenging for me to function our mostly made-from-scratch meals from it, but I'll get a system down and figure it out.  I don't have a choice.  I've also decided that instead of using so many of my hobbies (Oh, I have many, many hobbies!!), I'm going to be concentrating on my cookbook and photography for the next two years while we are in this house.  I decided that it's time to see if that cookbook will ever get to a publisher and if not, then to retire the desire to write it.  We'll see what happens from here. 

The boys playroom is going to be in the basement.  We figured it would be done when we moved in, but it was not and now the boys are living with a few cars to play with and their bikes while the rest of their toys remain in boxes waiting for the completion of the playroom.  We're hoping in the next couple of weeks it will be done.  Just in time for them to go to school!

I am putting some pictures here of the flora and fauna around our new home.  Once upon a time, someone really loved this home as the landscaping that is now horribly overgrown shows some thought and great care in it's planting.  I had fun walking around snapping photos, hope you enjoy them!

Not sure what type of flower this is, sort of looks like a hybiscus, I think.

Pretties lillies, not sure what kind.

Queen Anne's Lace, so lovely!

Not sure, any suggestions?

Thistle growing in the field behind the house, busy bee busy at work!

And, we have fruit trees!  Here is the peach tree that grows apricot size peaches, so terribly sweet!  But, the woodpeckers have discovered them also and got to most of them before we did.

Along with 3 different apple trees!  They have not been sprayed or tended to at all in years, so though they are organic, they are rough around the edges.  I can sauce them, just the same and can't wait to pick our own apples this fall!

Not sure what type of berry this is, any ideas?  Can I make jam with them?  There are some black and some red, just the same.
Don't know what these are either (I've got a lot to learn, huh?), but I love how they look like little oranges all in bunches.  Also giving me the autumn color I love, so they have a dear place in my heart already.

And, alas, nothing's ever perfect.  This is the swimming pool next to the house.  We hope to get it up and running next summer, but for now, this is what it looks like.  The frogs are very fond of it and have had many tadpole babies in it.  Gross.

Thanks for enjoying some images of my new home.  So far, it's good, we're gonna like it here.

Staying sane in the sea of boxes, ~Peacemom

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aseaman said...

Like your little place, love your photos. I too am curious about the plant life. You could send a photo to your state extension service and ask for identification. I have found them to be extremely helpful many times.

Have fun settling in!