Sunday, July 25, 2010

Moving Day

Hello All!

We're on the weekend before the big move here.  It's been a crazy couple of weeks with me having to work 10 hour days so I could take a vacation (you'll remember I don't get vacation or sick time, if I need to take time off, I work all the hours beforehand or don't get paid.  I'll keep my opinion about overwork and burnout from no time off ever to myself as I'm thankful to just be working right now).  We spent 6 days up in Maine at my parent's house enjoying first our annual summer family get together that's been dubbed "Lee Lobsterfest". It's fun time that culminates in a big lobster feed put on by my parents.  Even my kiddos join in the seafood aspect with lobster and steamed mussels.  Gotta love a 5 year old that will look at a mussel and say, "ya, I'll eat that!"... kid won't eat sauted zucchini to save his life, but a mussel he'll chow with abandon. Go figure. 

We stayed beyond the rest of the family leaving to enjoy some kid/grandparent time.  The boys spent the day with their grandparents visiting a beach and eating ice cream, and a fun time was had by all.  Music Man and I were sooo thankful to have the bulk of a day to ourselves, we ate at a local cafe that uses mostly local and organic food (Thomaston Cafe, highly recommend!  The food was delicious and the service friendly and helpful), then we went to Camden to roam around. Walked all along the main street looking at shops and sat and enjoyed the harbor view where we struck up a conversation with a couple from Ohio who were nice and visiting for the first time.  We tipped them on to Mt. Batty which has an amazing view of the harbor. We didn't purchase anything beyond Music Man buying a six pack of local microbrew beer he can't get here.  Not purchasing in Camden is a little tough as a lot of the Main street is geared for that tourist dollar. I wanted a sweatshirt for myself, but didn't find one I liked in my price range.  Such is life.

We decided to have a late lunch in Camden as well and ate at a place on the dock called Bayview Lobster Restaurant.  Music Man had a fried combo seafood platter (yes, he can eat that stuff and still lose weight, all I have to do it sniff it and I gain is just not fair), and I had a bowl of Clam Chowder (oh, homemade, not the canned stuff, very yummy) and a salad.  The view was wonderful, and the service was cheerful.  It was the perfect end to a kid free few hours and we enjoyed every minute of it.  We definitely don't get enough of that time in our lives.  Love the kids with all my heart, but everyone benefits if mom and dad are able to take a chance to remember who they are without the kids once in a while.

And now that we're home, we're in full moving mode.  Since the new house is only about 1/4 mile up the street, we borrowed a friend's trailer and are trying to move as much in before the big move date as possible.  I do feel guilty that most of this day by day stuff is falling on Music Man as someone's gotta watch the kids and he's got the bigger muscles so he moves.  I try to help load on our end and then he goes over to move it in at the new place.  We're feeling very fortunate that we're able to move this way as the new house is empty and our friend's don't mind.  Just want to be there, so tired of the whole moving game, really tired of it. This process was infinitely easier with movers, which we've used in the past, but there's no money for that this time around, so we'll be schlepping our own stuff again.  What can we do?  It is what it is.

So, I'll be out of touch for a bit while we do all this process and then set up the new house.  It's gonna be an adventure for sure!  But, it will be good once we're there and settling in.  Wish us luck!

Tired, but looking toward the future, ~Peacemom


small farm girl said...

I hope your move goes very smoothe. We all will be thinking of you guys.

Peacemom said...

Thanks, Small Farm Girl! We really hope so too, it's gonna be a lllooonnngg week, but we'll get through it. Thanks for the support!