Sunday, April 18, 2010

Spring Bird Sitings

So far this spring, I've seen:

1. Downy Woodpecker (above)
2. Hairy Woodpecker
3. Gold Finch
4. Male and Female pair of gorgeous cardinals, so red!
5. Purple Finches, the NH state bird
6. Male and Female cowbirds
7. Starlings
8. Grackles
9. Blue jays
10. Blue bird!! the first I've ever had at a feeder
11. Turkey Vultures
12. Turkeys
13. Broadtail Hawk
14. Red Tailed Hawk
15. Tree sparrows
16. Nuthatches
17. Titmice
18. Red Bellied Woodpecker
19. Pileated Woodpecker
20. Chickadees
21. Robins
22. Oriole
23. Many, many crows
24. The coup de gras for me was the Bald Eagle that swooped about 4 feet in front of my windshield on my way to work one morning. AMAZING!!

I will probably think of some I have forgotten, but my friend sent me a great email about her first ever cardinal siting and it made me think of all the birds I've seen so far this spring. Wonderful time of year, welcome back my bird friends!

Cheeps, peeps, and sqwacks to you, ~Peacemom

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Dog Trot Farm said...

Thank you for the kind comments regarding my girl's Gladys and Georgia. I have enjoyed reading through your blog and viewing the wonderful photos. I have added you to my blog side bar. Blessings, Julie of Dog Trot Farm