Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

Here are our little bunnies! Hope everyone is having a lovely Easter Day. Of course, the real reason we celebrate today is that Jesus has arisen, and we are taking time to honor him today.

And, we also dearly still enjoy the visits from the elusive Easter Bunny. After enjoying the carrots and water we left out for him, he filled the boys baskets with lots of goodies, I'm pretty sure he shopped at Big Lots for most of it...and the boys enjoyed it. The highlights were the miniature replicas of Jeff Gordon and Kyle Busch's Nascars and the chocolate race car driven by the bunny. Mommy's favorite of all of his treats were the "tomato grow pots" which Little Red replied, "I guess the Easter Bunny doesn't know I don't like tomatoes". Funny kid. So, I told him we would be happy to eat whatever he grew and he thought that was okay then.

After unloading their baskets, we had an exciting Easter egg hunt which the boys found the sports ball eggs that were hidden by Mr. E Bunny last evening. He did a great job hiding them and the boys had a lot of fun finding them. That's a definite highlight to their Easter morning experience.
Currently, the organic farm-raised pork shoulder (thank you, Patrick & Daniella!) is in the smoker...yes, okay, so a little unconventional for Easter dinner, but ya'll outta know by now, we're not very conventional. It's dry rubbed with some Montreal Steak rub with a lovely mesquite smoke, it's gonna be delish! Serving along with some scalloped potatoes and french cut green beans along with an apple tart for dessert...yummo!

I'm hoping you're all having a relaxing, joyous Easter day today. We're taking the day to be thankful for all that we have even in these trying times and to enjoy a day at home all together.
Blessings to you, ~Peacemom

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