Thursday, April 22, 2010


I could not miss this duo any more then I do. My dear friend and her adorable son and husband moved to Texas years ago (it pains me to realize that it really HAS been years). Sometimes in life, you find a kindred spirit on some level. We met while working at Fidelity Investments years ago. We became good friends there, often taking walks together on our afternoon break. She left Fidelity to pursue a degree in teaching (and so where her gifts lie, God saw fit to see to it that such a person would work with little people, bless him). We lost touch somewhat as our lives took different turns. We would keep in touch with Christmas cards and it was good to have that connection remain.

I am unsure exactly how it came to be, but we got back in touch and went out to dinner one night when my Little Red was a baby. She and her husband had been wanting a child for a long time, but were unable to have a biological child. I know it was painful for them to experience this, but I also believe it was God's plan for them. It was at this dinner that she informed me that they were going to adopt a child from Korea. I was elated for them, knowing that that would be one of the luckiest children on our planet to have them as parents. Both of them are so well suited to this very important task and God knew that there was a little boy in Seoul just waiting for them to be named his parents.

Their son came home when he was 4 months old. Adorable, precious, loved and so very wanted. I don't know how much more of a blessing could be bestowed on him then that. I know they in turn were given so much from that little bundle of joy, but the best of all in my eyes was the opportunity to be parents. They moved away from me just weeks after their son turned one to follow a job opportunity in Texas. I know they wish they could be back in New England with us all, and perhaps some day they will. But not before they are adding one more precious life to their family.

The family is currently waiting for their second son to come home from South Korea, in fact are in the final days of months and months of waiting. I think it's sort of their gestation period, I guess. Only their son will be almost 11 months old when he comes into their arms. Yet again, such a lucky, loved and so badly wanted child. To be taken from a situation where that baby is not wanted by it's biological parents for whatever reason, and be granted to these two parents
who are just amazing people, well that's the grace of God. It's all in his master plan for them, that their children should come to them with the deep wanting and loving of them already in place and so developed. Lucky, lucky boys. And, the new baby gets an even bigger bonus then their first son got, a fantastic big brother. What a wonderful blessing because now, they each have a brother. And being the mother of two brothers, that's the best gift to give to each of them. A lifelong love for the other, I'm always amazed at how wonderful they can be together.

So, here in NH I pray each morning for them to get the call that tells them to come get their son. I wish for them, hope and pray for them that the trip will come sooner then later and be safe and uneventful. My love from here all the way to Texas and to a little baby in South Korea, waiting to be held by his parents. His Mother and Father. Come on, God, the suspense is killing us.

Happy Mother's Day to you, my dear friend, ~Peacemom

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