Sunday, January 10, 2010

It's Life in the fast lane...again..

Hello Everyone,

I'm sitting here listening to my guys argue with each other over the Patriots losing their shot at the Super Bowl. Personally, I don't understand a whole lot about this sport...I don't get all the intricate rules and regulations....downs, interceptions, fumbles, blocks, this yard line, that yard line, whatever...listening to it tends to be painful for me because Maestro wants sooooo badly to know what he's talking about that he will CONSTANTLY interject what he thinks is the correct terminology or understanding of the plays, and Music Man will (not very patiently, I might add) correct or explain something to him...then lose all patience when Maestro proceeds to make the same mistake one minute later. It's a play in frustration for all involved, and I'm not sure why Maestro loves the game so much. And, it's also a little, though very little, disconcerting to me that my 7 year old understand WAY more about this game then his mama ever will. I've tried, Music Man has attempted to teach me, and I don't get it. I'm considered an intelligent woman by most, but this just completely eludes me. I think if I really cared to learn it, I would, but I just allow this to be one of those things that is a "father/son" activity. Best not getting me involved because the emotion attached to the game is bewildering to me, I feel, it's just a game after all.

Okay, on to other things. I've thought recently about how this is going to be the year I get back into life. Since getting married and so soon after becoming pregnant with our first child, moving multiple times, buying and selling homes, new jobs, getting kids in school, blah blah blah, my life has completely become wife/mother/employee. Unfortunately, the whole "me" of me has taken such a backseat in life, it's almost unrecognizable. So, though I don't make resolutions so to speak, I did think that this is going to be the year I gradually rediscover my passions. My kayak sits unused after 8 years off water. It has not seen water since Maestro was in utero when I was concerned for our safety in the event of capsizing, to after his birth having absolutely no time to get it on the water. This year, I will be putting paddle to bay in Freeport and making it happen. I am going to be making the time to exercise more, getting more in line with the outdoor activities that I love and so dearly miss. This is the year, and I will make it happen.

I have also been thinking about the things in life that show complete faith. See if you can see it, too...

1. planting a garden...showing the faith that you will be here to harvest the fruits of your labor.

2. buying Christmas items in an after Christmas clearance sales....I will be here to see the next Christmas.

3. Saving money for that vacation to Ireland we're planning for hopefully in 2011 for our 10 year anniversary. Some of you may remember that we were booked to do this for our honeymoon, but since that was just a month after 9/11, I would not get on the plane...2011 is the year I will set foot on that plane, I pray...though perhaps medicated just slightly as I'm so terrified to fly now.

What do you have that helps you with your faith, what passions have you let fall by the wayside that you wish to re-ignite? Put a little thought and make this the year you decide to live if you've been putting you and your passions on the back burner. I have discovered that to be a truly happy person, and the best mother I can possibly be, I need to have my passions (read JOY) in my life. Join me in the quest for passions forgotten or missed, won't you?

Wishing you time to make joy, ~Peacemom

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Jennifer and Steve said...

Hi there! Ireland - sounds fabulous! Thanks for the comment. We are posting regularly still: here is the link: Steve just wrote two about a great hike we took this past weekend. I hope you can see the new posts. Have a great day. :) jennifer