Friday, January 22, 2010

Ahh, I remember the sweet tastes of summer....

The picture was the score from local food purchases in one day last summer. How yummy and amazing it was! I remember those fresh tastes of summer, the sweetness of the berries, the smooth creaminess of new baby potatoes harvested that day, the snap of fresh carrots and lettuce and crisp cucumbers in the salad. Oh, I remember it well and so very fondly. We are now in the deep freeze of January in New England. Round about this time of year, I get to longing for summer days, sunlight and my hands in soil. I have a hard time fighting off the blues this time of year. Just getting to go outside is such a chore with a lot of layers of clothes, frosty air (to someone with asthma, this is not an easy proposition some days) and the call of the warm, toasty fireplace oh so strong. Yep, I get the blues this time of year. I am a little better when I take my fish oil capsules and indulge in some sunshine when I can, but even then, it's just not warm. Always cold, and at night, by 8:00, I'm ready to fire up the electric blanket and snuggle in with my Sudoku puzzles and a cup of tea. Comforting for sure, but I still dream of the days of spring when I'm turning soil and planting seeds, it's a really great way to shake of the layers and get a little dirt under your nails. Really great way. I'm gonna dig out my seed catalogs and dream of some produce picked with my own hands, planted with my own little paws, weeded and tended to and loved into fruition. I miss my garden. A lot.

The whole local eating hit a new level for us last summer when I made the conscious choice to get most of our food local for as long as we could. Not only did we get outstanding food (and I really do mean outstanding, so much better then I've eaten in years), but I made some great new friends in the process and found some folks who are also passionate about eating local, organic and the health of the planet. I love it when unexpected wonderful things come as a byproduct of action. When I decided that we were really going to explore what was out there for local and organics, it was like a light went on for me. Of course, when you're in the throws of a new passion, you want to share it with everyone, read all you can about it, and just figure out how to incorporate that into your life. For good. The motivation is still high in me over a year later, so I know it's around to stay.

I sent my dear friend and email yesterday and she told me I should repost it on my I'm gonna...

I have a weird observation...I bought some tea on clearance the other day, I'm drinking it right now, and it is Christmas tea. It says "the traditional spice flavours of Christmas". I look quickly, sounds good, I buy. It's not til I get it home that I notice the box says "artificially flavoured". Ummmmm....why exactly would you need to artificially flavor spices? I'm fairly sure they speak for themselves in their natural state. Just one of those funny things my mind digresses on and thought I'd share that thought with you....artificially flavored spices...what the h@#$??

I'll leave you with that thought...hope you have some genuine spice flavors in your day.

Peace to you on this winter day, ~Peacemom

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