Thursday, May 2, 2013

Take Me Out To the Ball Game!

This fine strapping boy is Maestro, catching 5 innings out of 6 for his team last night.  He did an amazing job having only caught once before the whole season for two innings in the first game.  The coach decided to have him pitch in the 4 inning after catching for 3.  You can imagine that he was tired, he is young and had not been conditioned for this.

After catching 3, pitching one, he was put back at catcher to finish the final 2 innings behind home plate. 

This kid could not love the game of baseball any more.  It is clearly one of his passions in life, which he's fortunate to have found so young.  His little brother is also very fond of it as well, and as soon as he's played his first game, which is very soon, I will be posting pics of him as well.  But Maestro...oh, this child has the sports gene that is prevalent in Music Man's siblings kids as well.  He most certainly did not get it from me. I showed horses and did drama club, I was not an athlete per se...though, there were stints of it when I was young, gymnastics, baseball and basketball, but none of it stuck, I was horse obsessed.  My boys are dedicated to the game.  There's nothing they like more then playing, out in the field, fresh air and sunshine. 

And Maestro played an absolutely great game last night.  The best part about it for him was certainly not the loss, which was by quite a large margin, but the fact that he played a great game, struck some guys out at the plate, tagged more then one runner trying to come home, and hit a double to get 2 RBI's.  He caught for 5 innings and pitched one, was so exhausted by the end of the 6th inning, he could barely get his hand out to grab the ball in all the gear, but he plays with all his heart and gives it everything he has, and gets that it's not all about winning, but surely, how you play the game.

And he slept like a log last night after that workout.  Dang, I love my boys.

Wishing you peanuts and cracker jacks of your own, ~Peacemom

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aseaman said...

Wow, what an unbelievable game for Maestro. Look out Mom, the scouts will be looking at him before long! And, when Little Red starts playing - it's going to be a double header (yes, pun). Gram