Saturday, October 13, 2012

Autumn Tea Continued

Ah, a lovely table set for lovely ladies...I couldn't wait for them to arrive!

I've made the house festive, the crock pot in the corner has spiced apple cider brewing, making the house smell heavenly!

At last!  My sister and her daughters have arrived!  Left to right is Katelyn, Deanna and Emily.  Mugs in hand and ready for some delicious chili and corn muffins and a variety of beverage options including chai tea, the spiced cider and hot cocoa...with homemade marshmallows!  The dessert was a wonderful pumpkin cobbler that my sister makes (it's kind of a tradition now) topped with homemade cinnamon custard ice cream mixed by Music Man.  It was OUT of this world!

After a delicious lunch, we decided to go to the cemetery to search for any relatives of one of my other nieces who's family could not attend.  Her family got their start here in our little town directly from Ireland, and we were hoping to find any ancestors.  Alas, after searching the grounds, we did not find any.  However, our town pond and a road in town bear her last name, so they were definitely here, I've got to research harder.  The cemetery stroll was lots of fun just the same!

This is my nieces hugging one of the huge ancient trees in the cemetery. So lovely, these!

Immediately upon our arrival, this cat made his presence known. He was a VERY friendly cat and escorted us all through the cemetery as we searched and read the tombstones.  It made me wonder if he was an apparition or really there...
Both of my nieces are truly cat people, and I think this kitty knew that.   He sure was friendly!
This old watcher didn't seem too amused by that kitty!

Such beautiful color, peeking its head to be seen!  We heard the traffic on the highway from folks visiting NH for the weekend from Mass and points south was insurmountable!  But..we did not have to worry about that at all during our respite time together.
On our way out of the cemetery, we bid adieu to this gentleman...the scarecrows are back up in town, more on that in another post!   But...this is the one that Music Man and Little Red's scout den put up in the center of town, our little scout camping and roasting a marshmallow...
We headed home and started our craft project.  I thought this leaf mobile would be a fun idea...Katelyn wasn't amused with it as it was hard to thread the beads on the string (which was a bit too thick!).  But, I think they came out pretty well in the end!  We each made our own variation of it and they were festive when completed!
Afterward, we enjoyed the cobbler and ice cream...
And then we packed up for our goodbyes...I think a fun time was had by all!  I know I certainly cherish the time together laughing and eating good food and just bonding and communing with other females that are dear to me.

What Autumn tradition would you like to start or what do you to welcome in the season?  These ladies are a key part of it for me!

Wishing you traditions of your own, ~Peacemom


small farm girl said...

That sounds like a great idea!!! I might have to start my own tradition like this. hehehe

Dog Trot Farm said...

Hi Vonnie, your table looks lovely, bet you gals had a wonderful time together. Great craft idea. What an interesting tombstone, the image looks like a budda...I enjoyed this post! Greetings, Julie.