Saturday, October 6, 2012

A little Autumn Tea Perhaps?

Each year, I try to have an afternoon tea for the ladies in my family.  For the past couple of teas, my oldest sister and her daughters have not been able to make it.  Sigh...but it is a wonderful tradition we've established.  Living in a house full of males, it's a bit of a special time for me to reconnect to some female energy, and I really enjoy doing it.  I make it a special thing.  I spiff the house up, we have a home cooked lunch, everyone brings a treat for dessert to share and we make a small autumn inspired craft project.  Of course, while enjoying, tea, cocoa and warm spiced cider.  We've been known to stroll through the local cemetery as well!  This is an activity that my sister and her girls enjoy doing, too, so it's fun for us all.

A bummer to this day for me is the absence of my dear mother.  She has some concerns with traveling, it's hard on her physically.   Yesterday, this beautiful autumn flower arrangement arrived at my door, with a note from her to all of us to let us know she is here in spirit if not body.  We love you, too, Mom and we'll be thinking of you.  I was very touched to have gotten those flowers, they truly brought a tear to my eye and happiness to my soul.

Remember to make some special family time for your loved ones.  Join in however you are able, make memories and maintain family bonds.  In this life of go, go, go! it's a good idea to put all that aside every once in a great while to just enjoy each other at a slower pace,  After all, it's what makes life worth living.

Looking forward to tomorrow, I'll post pictures for ya, ~Peacemom

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Dog Trot Farm said...

What a lovely tradition you have started Vonnie. As a mother of two sons I understand your need of female company. The flower arrangement is just beautiful, how thoughtful of your mom. I hope you post pictures of this special day, I'd love to see your craft ideas. Enjoy this beautiful Sunday, Julie.