Saturday, September 1, 2012

Today's Harvest

As I was up long before the sun this morning, I was able to see the beautiful blue moon setting as the sun was rising.  Very cool indeed.  I was in the garden long before the sun hit it and did a lot of harvesting.  I then took my chair and sat in the shade and watched the birds play in the field behind our little farm.  As I sat in the chair, still as a churchmouse (what is a churchmouse and why is he so still anyway?), I saw trotting up through the hay a large coy dog.  This was not the same one I saw previously as this one had more of a gray-brown coat.  The other had a reddish brown coat.  More then one, not boding well for us or them.  YIKES!  He was about 25 yards from me and hadn't noticed me when I stood up suddenly and shouted, GIT! at him and clapped my hands loudly.  He pulled up abruptly and turned tail and ran, just as I would expect him to do.  Good that he's at least displaying appropriate fear of humans.  I was trying to sound like a shot when I clapped my hands, which to my ear, I accomplished.  Next time, I'll sit there with my son's pellet gun and give him something to ponder before we actually need to take him out.  Coy dogs do serve an important function in the wild and it would pain me to have to kill one, but he was headed straight for my chicken coop without bothering with the benefit of cover, so he's brazen.  And I have my kids to worry about.  I was sitting in their baseball field when I saw him, so they are up there playing often.

In my harvest today, I managed to get 33 cucumbers (pictured above) and they just keep on coming!!  I've never had such prolific cukes or tomatoes as this year, and I hear that we aren't the only ones.

I also got a fair number of tomatoes again, and our first real harvest of green beans.  They are not doing as well as the waxed beans, I think because they didn't have enough trellis to climb on, causing it to be much harder for the bees to get to their flowers to pollinate.  But the ones we get are delicious!

I also managed to pick 5 of these huge orange and yellow beauties!  Can you see by the ruler, they are 5" across!  Delicious!  I made a batch of salsa with some others on Thursday and it's so pretty with the different colors, very festive looking.  They are sweet and totally amazing!
I also managed to make a tomato sandwich for lunch...those of you that love them as much as I do will enjoy this picture.  To me, the garden just doesn't get any better then this!
Little salt...little pepper...little mayo...bit of heaven!

Wishing you your own harvest goodness, ~Peacemom

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