Sunday, November 20, 2011

Carrot Haul

This was the last of the carrot haul from the garden.  Normally, I would leave them in the ground, but in anticipation of moving, we decided to pull them and store them in the fridge instead.  Gonna be a ginger carrot soup in our future!  I've already harvested this amount of carrots, together with these,  from a patch of garden that was about 1' x 3'.  That's really productive for a such a small space!
I prefer to leave them in the ground and harvest them all winter, just put a nice deep layer of leaves on top and they won't freeze.  The longer they are in the cold ground, the sweeter carrots get.  These are very sweet indeed!

On another note, so weird to have the boys out in short sleeves on Nov 20th in NH.  Very discomforting, really.

Wishing you winter stores of your own, ~Peacemom

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Dog Trot Farm said...

What sweet boys you have, you can certainly see they are brothers. My carrots are still in the garden, I do hope to use them for Thanksgiving. My mother cooks and mashes her carrots and turnips together, very tasty. How are things going with the new house? are you getting any closer to a closing? My youngest son is in the process of buying my late in-laws house, what a slow process. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, blessings, Julie.