Thursday, August 18, 2011


This is the harvest of peaches from our little peach tree.  And I do mean little!  We managed to get a bunch of them harvested after noticing that the birds were beginning to enjoy them, too.  So, peach and pecan pancakes with the real maple syrup for dinner was called for!  They were quite yummy, we all gobbled them right up.
Today, Maestro and I canned about 90 of them and got 6 1/2 pints of peaches put up for winter (did I mention they are little peaches?). The 1/2 pint we'll eat now, and one of them cracked during processing, which is a sad bummer.  It's never a nice site to see your hard earned, hard work processed peaches floating in the water bath canner when you take the lid off.  Ah well, we're 5 pints closer to cozy for the winter, so it's all good.  Next, I'll probably get some from the local orchard and do a few more quarts to keep us going.  Can't wait for apples and pears to come soon.  We have apple trees busting with apples this year, making me wonder if it's going to be a long, snowy winter. Often the trees know how to produce more food for the animals before we are even thinking about it.

All in all a fun day canning with my son, havesting with the family last night and eating some delicious pancakes. 

Wishing you sweet sunwarmed peaches on your tree, ~Peacemom


Candace said...

Your peaches look fantastic. I didn't get any canning done this year with everything going on around here. Maybe next year! For the first time in my life, I am sad that summer is on the way out. I hope you are wrong about a long, snowy winter. :)

Dog Trot Farm said...

The peach crop looks wonderful. Such satisfaction upon opening a jar of home grown peaches when a blizzard is blowing outside the door. Hope things are progressing nicely with the new house. I am enjoying this cool weather, Fall is on it's way! Blessings, Julie.