Friday, October 1, 2010

Watching the Radar...

Wind is whipping here at our casa.  It's the tail end of some hurricane or other and bringing along with it some very badly needed rain here in southern NH.  I am a bit concerned, to be perfectly honest with you, about the reasons why my kids were able to go to school this morning in tee shirts and shorts....on October NH.  Yep, more then a little concerned.

As a child in northern NH, we were in long sleeves, flannel and jackets by now.  I grew up above the White Mountain National Forest, so NORTH folks.  It was cold by now, the dream of tee shirts and shorts a distant memory.  My friends who still live up there notice a big change in the timing of taking the coats out of winter storage.  So weird to be having hurricanes up here in February this year and now this.  I know this is hurricane season elsewhere, but for us we might get a bit of wind and some rain in an average season.  February's storm was surreal, completely surreal.  In the 32 years that I've lived here, I've never seen anything like that, especially not in February.  Ice storms common place, February hurricanes, drought filled summers-very disturbing to me.

I know, there are the naysayers that tell me that it's just the cycle of the earth, that it's in a warming phase....whatever.  But why is it warming faster now then ever in recorded history?  Could it possibly be that humans are affecting it with our car exhaust, farmed cattle, planes, chemical laden factory farming, clear cutting of oxygen-giving forests, plastic, plastic, plastic that never goes away and poisons our water, transporting food across the globe so we in NH can have "fresh" fruit from New Zealand (!) in January?  Basically our selfish beliefs that we are not causing any of this, that our actions have no consequences?  That this earth is our plaything...instead of the other way around.  Too much of this selfishness and I see the earth putting us right back in our place.  Nature finds a way.  Naysayers, could it just be possible, just a possibility, that we DON'T have all the answers?

Just something to think about on this rainy, windy, hot October day in New Hampshire.

Holding on to my hat, ~Peacemom

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