Thursday, May 20, 2010

Baseball Mom

So, we've officially become a family of two baseball players. Tuesday nights, Wednesday nights and 4 hours of Saturday morning are now spent at the ball field. Two boys in two different divisions, and we're totally a baseball family now.
I will admit to not loving it. I like to see the boys playing and Little Red has a smile on his face the ENTIRE time. He's just loving being part of something he's only been able to watch his big brother do all this time. And Maestro is improving, with Music Man's help. He's assistant coaching Maestro's team and so far, they are having a good time. But for me, it's hours in the blaring sun, or freezing wind, or being eaten alive by bugs watching my little cherubs enjoying their time out in the field. I miss being the one to play... sideline wasn't really ever my way. And, I really feel for my sister-and brother-in-law...they have 4 kids, all jocks...and many, many of their hours every week and weekend are spent either watching, coaching, or shuttling and coordinating their kids events. I never really wanted that for our lives. We are outdoor loving people who enjoy camping, hiking and kayaking. Baseball definitely conflicts with these non-team activities.
But, as so many things in our lives, we give to the kids what they need and enjoy and put our interests on the back burner. Such is parenthood...and hey, they make darned cute photography subjects in their HUGE helmets and hats!
Don't forget the sunscreen and bugspray, ~Peacemom

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